Still Scared of Sewing

As I was pinning a pattern and cutting fabric last weekend, I asked myself, how this would feel if I was the dressmaker for Meghan Markle’s wedding gown?

I find cutting fabric to be a daunting task, even for my small makes, so I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be cutting fabric for a gown that will be seen by millions of people, that will be the inspiration for countless weddings for years to come.  Do they pause before putting the shears to the fabric? Do their hands shake a little as they begin cutting?

Sewing is a skill I want to master, but it’s a skill that is impossible to acquire as long as I am terrified of it.  I see a lot of inspirational #memademay posts on Instagram, and sewing seems less scary when I see so many homemade makes.  But as I pull out a pattern and read it, it is a little overwhelming.

I’ve posted several of my makes on this blog before, but most of them were made in a classroom setting. I had an instructor walk me through each step. My makes have been less-than-perfect, but they’re wearable, and it’s not likely anyone else will see the mistakes that I do.


As with anything else in life, I can’t improve until I keep failing at first.  Eventually, I’ll get better, but I have to quell my fear first.  And there’s no way to conquer that fear unless, with the fabric in my hands, I take a deep breath and cut.


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  1. I totally get what you mean! I’ve never made any clothes for myself and I bought some beautiful fabric with the idea of making a wrap around skirt for myself. But I’m to scared to get it out and get started! Well done for giving it a go 😊

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  2. I feel this way when I have some beautiful, expensive yarn. It sits in my stash for ages before I find the courage to use it. But good news – in my experience it gets better with time!

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