Trying to Stay Focused

Hello friends!

Happy Halloween! This year I am copping out and wearing some kitty ears as my costume.  It is the most I am willing to dress up while at work.  I hope you all are doing well.  I’M NOT THINKING ABOUT MY TEST AT ALL.  NOPE. NOT ME.  It’s not constantly eating away at me or anything.  Not…at…all…

Okay, you probably can tell that this is a huge lie.  This entire year, I’ve been working hard – planning the wedding, juggling the crazy deliverables schedule last fiscal year, getting my project management certification, studying for this test.  Now it’s all over with, and work has been a little slow…so I feel like, phew. I can relax a little.  And without having anything to focus on, time to bring on the melancholy, self-loathing, and second-guessing.  But all this constant worry is not sustainable for the next six weeks. I need something else to recapture my focus and my momentum.  Work is picking up, so I need to remain focused on my projects and not fall into a state of complacency.

And I need to stop thinking about this test.  It’s over. I can’t change my performance now.  If I failed (which is highly likely), then it’s too late and there’s nothing I can do to change it.

Sigh. It’s going to be a long six weeks.

But…I have SO MUCH FREE TIME.  I woke up on Saturday and Sunday in the middle of the night, excited to wake up in the morning because I didn’t have to study. I don’t mean to imply that I was depressed or anything before and didn’t want to wake up – not at all. It’s just my free time is my own again, and I don’t have to spend all day studying.

I started Sewrella’s Everyday Cardigan last Thursday – and look!  I’ve made discernible progress!


I’m using the yarn suggested by the pattern (Lion Brand’s Simply Alpaca) but in the Charcoal colorway.  It’s been a pretty fast and easy project, and soothing.

I need to head to work, but I’ll catch up with you all later! Who knows – maybe I can finish a sleeve by the end of this week!*


*This would be my first crocheted sleeve, so unlikely but YAY GOALS.

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