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A Rambling Crafty Update

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you all, but it’s been a crazy week.  I love my job and my projects, but often in consulting, everything just kind of falls on your desk at once and it’s hard to balance everything sometimes.

So anyway. Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments on my last post.  I know everyone goes through the same learning process, but it’s comforting to be reminded of it!

Look, I’m finished this cute project from Studio MME.  Straight lines! I can do them!


I’ve been working on the January Little Box of Crochet project, a pretty granny square scarf with moon motifs.  I’m about halfway through the squares, I think!


Some of these squares are a little derpy-looking though. Womp.


So I broke my yarn diet AGAIN and I don’t want to FEEL YOUR JUDGMENT, OKAY?


I’m working on Sewrella’s Lil Denim Cardi.  I’m going to be traveling again this month, so I want projects where I can mindlessly sit on a plane and do the same stitch for a hundred rows.

I told you all recently that I’m recovering fearful flier, right?  Yes.  I went through a dark period in my 20s when I would just do research on plane crashes?  For no reason?  Like on Friday nights and stuff?  IT WAS A DARK TIME, OKAY?  For my first several flights as an adult, I WAS TERRIFIED.  I likely annoyed the crap out of everyone sitting around me by asking if THIS TURBULENCE IS NORMAL.  I am not proud of this behavior.

But I worked really hard at conquering my fear, and I am happy to say that yes, I can actually get on a plane now and act like a reasonable, functioning woman in her 30s.  And what has helped tremendously is crafting. Once we get seated while waiting for our flight, I whip out a crochet project.  I count stitches as the flight takes off and focus on my project instead of letting my mind wander about banked turns.  And during turbulence, I focus on the stitches in front of me and crochet like a crazed woman.

After much experimentation, I’ve realized that I focus best on projects with super simple stitches.  So yes, single crochet for the next 50 rows?  Can do.  Amigurumi? Nope. Too much counting.  Forget knitting – that takes too much focus even when I’m on the ground, so no way am I doing it in the air.  And when I have a mindless project to work on, Netflix on my iPad, apple juice on my tray table (I AM A GROWN WOMAN), dare I say I enjoy flying? Just a little?

That was a very long justification for buying yarn but I’m just going to say, working on that cardigan while on the plane was not my original motive for buying that yarn. I just wanted to work on that pattern, and I realized it’d be easy enough to do on the plane only after I brought it home.

Alrighty, I better head to work. This Friday is my first wedding anniversary, which is hard to believe! We will be eating a slice of our wedding cake to celebrate, which we’d kept frozen for the past year. I don’t know, you guys, I think it’s going to taste awful and I’m dreading even trying it, if I’m being honest, but I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Have a great week!

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary!
    I watch a series on youtube that recreates the flight crashes (I’m not giving you the name of the channel) and there is this part, just when the plane is about to crash, where the warning “terrain, terrain! pull up!” can be heard. Well, on my last flight, guess what was the first thing I heard from the pilot’s cabin just when I was entering the plane? Terrain, terrain! I don’t know if they were checking if everything works or just deliberately playing tricks with the passengers (check out Monty Pythons sketch about bored pilots btw), but my reaction was texting my bf with the password to my email account, where in the “spam” folder I have a saved document with all important phone numbers, location of documents, details about cats (insurance etc.) – you know, everything he’d have to do if my plane crashes.
    That was a scary experience, and then we landed in the blizzard which was a nightmare of its own, but clearly, I survived one more time 😉
    Also, no need to give excuses for buying yarn. We are all guilty, we understand!

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    • Thank you!

      Oh my goodness! I would have freaked out too if I had heard that! I (think) it’s part of the checklist, but you’d think they would get to that part before they start boarding passengers! I can’t even imagine landing in a blizzard D: Hopefully your flights have been way less scary since then!


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