Quick Update Post

Good morning all! I woke up earlier this morning but my time is disappearing quickly. I wanted to journal a bit and write for class, but I’d still like to do yoga at some point.


Work is still tiring but I relaxed a lot this weekend. We took a beautiful walk through Apollo’s favorite park. We felt like we were in Narnia since we had snow flurries the entirety of our walk. We finally learned how to layer properly (MOISTURE WICKING!) so really didn’t feel all that cold. We checked the pup’s paws to make sure he was okay, but he kept whining to be put back down. He loved his snowy hike!

I finished my ponchette but haven’t decided what to do about the pom-poms. I also cannot find my pom-pom maker, so there’s that. Inspired by the speed of the project, I next selected a Knits N Knots sweater project to use up other bulky yarns in my stash. I’m almost done!

When I’m finished, this will have used up 5 balls of yarn. Yay stash-busting! Yay for super bulky yarn and large crochet stitches!

I’d better get going. I hope you have a wonderful week. TWO MORE DAYS.

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  1. I’m catching up on my blogs since I have a day off from work. I am plugging away at my husband’s blanket. I am down to the last two balls of yarn. Not sure if I will need to order more. If so, I will be able to work on something while I wait. Razz loves the snow; he can sit in it by the hour.

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