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I'm Jenny. I like running, drumming, and talking about Dave Grohl.

New Home

We moved into our new home a week and a half ago, and are settling in quite nicely. When we moved to Indiana in 2019, we settled into a teeny tiny town […]


Morning all! I wanted to do a quick check-in. I’ve changed my blog around a bit this weekend. When I first started this five years ago, I thought I’d eventually pivot to […]

Forward Momentum

Happy Sunday, all! How has it already been nearly a month since I’ve posted? Ugh. I’ve been doing well. I took the week of July 5th off. I was so burned out […]

Checking In

Hi friends. It’s been awhile, etc. I hope you all are doing well. The pandemic appears to be retreating in the US for the time being, so we’ve been having some much-needed […]

A New Season

Good morning friends! I hope you are all doing well! I haven’t posted in awhile. Multiple reasons – work was simultaneously making me stressed and sad while also being very slow, I […]

Checking In

Hi friends! I hope you are safe and keeping warm during this brutally cold month. My heart has been with Texas all week. I just cannot believe what they are going through. […]