Emerging from (Report) Limbo


In August, my entire department goes into crunch mode.  One of our clients requires reports due at the end of the month and everyone buckles down to meet the deadlines.  People are overworked, and normally sweet coworkers look murderous if I ask them a question.  I too have a report due on the 31st this year, but I got a late start since it took awhile to A. get data, B. figure out which data to use, and C. prep the data for my model. I worked 12 hours over the weekend prepping the model and starting report sections. I know, boo hoo.  I hardly ever work weekends so I’m not complaining (though I am a little bit). I’m glad that the draft is about complete.  I used some of the junior staff members to help me prep tables and they helped immensely.

Delegating work is still a new concept for me.  I remember “delegate more” being a critique during my first performance review, and it seemed like such an odd critique at the time.  I was a brand-new employee; how could I give away my work? Working in consulting eventually turns you into Gollum and every assignment you receive becomes a Precious that you cannot bear to dole out.  And eight years later, that critique makes a lot more sense.  I don’t have to wait a month to finish a menial task because I’m too busy with a deliverable.  I can pass it off to a junior employee, whose hourly rate will be cheaper than mine and my project managers won’t hate me for going overbudget.  Win, win.

That was a lot of words to say that I am very grateful that my “dream team” helped me get this report ready.


Or something.

Anyway, I had intended on taking the draft home with me to read before a senior level person reviews it/judges me harshly for it, but I’d accidentally left the stack of papers and tables on my desk as I left.  I took it as a sign and headed out to my Thursday afternoon haunts. I am a creature of habit and I have taken to visiting Barnes and Noble on Thursdays to browse their craft magazines.    Particularly, the craft magazines from the UK which come with a free kit every month.  They are the BEST, you guys. Maybe not so much for your budget. My craft magazine obsession has admittedly waned a little; it gets expensive, I have tons of craft magazine kits I still need to complete, AND the editorial staff changed at CrossStitcher, which was once my favorite craft magazine, so I am less inclined to purchase it every month.

That was a lot of words to say I did not purchase any magazines on said visit.

I then drove across the street to Michael’s.  I told myself going in that I was only going to purchase two items:  clear craft glue for my little Fairy Godmouse, and a paintbrush. Paintbrushes.  Three items?  Then I walked down the yarn aisle.  It always gets me in trouble.

Some people do their stress shopping at malls or clothing stores.  Mine is always at Joann or Michael’s.  “Stressful week at work?  Buy ALL THE YARN.”


Guys, for real, I don’t need more yarn. I have so much yarn.

Exhibit A.  This is what my craft table looked like when we moved in the house last year.

Clean craft space

Aaaaaaand this is what it looks like now.


And this isn’t even the extent of my supplies.  You don’t see my turquoise IKEA cart off to the left, stuffed to the brim with notions and yarn  I have craft kits and yarn hidden upstairs in the guest bedroom.  My living room ottoman stealthily keeps even more kits and yarn hidden.  I have supplies stuffed in bins that I keep on our IKEA bookshelf (we went on an IKEA kick when we moved in, okay?)

I promise I am a clean person and having a dirty house makes me feel stressed, that I’m not a hoarder, etc.  I just really like my craft supplies.

Boyfriend and I have an unwritten agreement. Just as I don’t ask him if he really needs a new guitar when he decides to purchase one, he has not said one word about my multiple yarn purchases or the fact that I am about thirty projects behind and do I REALLY NEED MORE YARN.

Despite said report-writing and yarn shopping, I have made some crafty progress.  My mouse actually looks like a mouse now. I have completed her sweet dress, and am now about to sew the ribbon around it.  Some parts were a little fiddly (to borrow a term I see in my beloved overseas craft magazines), but I am really enjoying the process.  I worked on her after long days at the office, and it was really a calming experience and helped me unwind.  Now only two more to make after this one!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let’s see if I can sneak in a bit of sewing before I head to sleep.

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