New Year’s Resolutions and Happy News

Happy New Year’s everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful New Year’s.  I know I did.  It’s barely been 2017 for two days, and already there are some pretty big changes in my life – mainly, Boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend.




He’s my fiancé!!!

Boyfriend Fiancé proposed on New Year’s Day, which was also our fifth anniversary together.  The proposal was perfect.  I never thought I would care much about an engagement ring or planning a wedding, but in the past 24 hours I have A. pinned about 100 wedding-related things on Pinterest and B.  summoned all the adultness  I currently possess to avoid camping outside the jewelry store while my engagement ring is getting resized.  Boyfriend Fiancé and I are so happy and excited about spending the rest of our lives together.  We haven’t delved into the planning too much yet, but I couldn’t resist finding some reading material:

yayyy wedding.png

I definitely want to bring a handmade, crafty element to our wedding.  Knowing how long it takes to make handmade things, I want to start finding easy projects now, things that I know won’t be too overwhelming or stressful.  Boyfriend Fiancé and I are expecting we’ll be married spring of 2018, so hopefully that will give us enough time to plan.  I will definitely be updating you on my crafty wedding projects.

But 2017 is shaping up to be a busy year, even if I didn’t get engaged (and if my dad is reading this – Yes, Daddy, I started studying for my licensing exam).  When choosing my resolutions, I wanted to focus on three areas – my career, my creative self, and my emotional well-being.  Here are my resolutions:

  1.  Pass my engineering licensing exam.
  2. Don’t let wedding planning distract me from passing my engineering exam…but also, do not wait until December 2017 to plan for a Spring 2018 wedding.
  3. Complete my Rosetta Stone Italian modules.
  4. Post at least one tutorial on this blog.
  5. Craft more from my stash.  Do not buy craft magazines unless I absolutely must have the project featured in it.
  6. Cut down on the crafty subscription boxes…they are a lot of fun, but it’s hard to craft from my stash when I’m backed up on subscription projects!  Also, planning a wedding, need to save money, etc etc.  The price of one month’s subscription might be someone’s meal at our wedding (or am I being too overly optimistic and naive about how much catering is?)
  7. Resurrect my daily yoga practice…but without the guilt of missing a day here and there.

We’ll see how overly ambitious this list is once December rolls around.  It’ll be here before we know it.  I’d love to hear your resolutions if you have some!


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  1. My lovely jenny you have planned for yourself quite a schedule ! Apart from engineering exam that sadly are non negotionable 😄Be kind to Jennifer! Have fun with the preparations and remember to delegate ! Augurissimi tesoro mio 😘

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