Women’s March and Craftivism

Judging by my Instagram feed, a lot of us marched this past weekend! Fiancé and I participated in the Austin march. It was an amazing experience.  There were a lot of people at our march (50,000!) so it took awhile to start.  But it was probably the best crowd I’ve been in.   There was so much positivity, energy, and good vibes.

Seeing other women sporting the Pussyhats felt pretty fantastic, because I knew we were sending a clear message to our president that women’s rights are inalienable.  I finished mine shortly around Saturday 1 am.  Just in time!  I felt so much solidarity with my fellow sisters when I wore it.



It’s estimated that 3 million people marched worldwide.  Seeing so many people marching and embracing equality and diversity was a humbling and incredible experience. It’s so important that we don’t fall idle and that we fight to make our voices heard, especially when so many people are being marginalized with this new administration.

What’s next?  Well, if you’ve completed several Pussyhats and are looking for other good causes to put your craft skills to use, you’ve come to the right place!

*Note: most of these are US only, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great volunteer initiatives in your local area!

  1.  Warm Up America Foundation – Warm Up America collects knitted or crocheted afghans, hats, scarves, and baby clothing for people in need.  One of my favorite crochet makers, B.Hooked Crochet, is leading a CAL for a beautiful baby blanket to donate.
  2. Knit Aid USA – Knit Aid is a marvelous U.K.-based organization that provides warm knitted items to refugees in Europe.  They very recently started accepting donations in the US.  I now know what I can do with the tiny little hat I am knitting.  🙂
  3. The Crochet Crowd Charity Locator – The Crochet Crowd (a great resource for any crocheters) has compiled a comprehensive list of charities around the globe (though mainly US) needing crocheted items.
  4. Craftivist Collective – Inspired to use craft as a way to raise awareness for a cause?  Check out the Craftivist Collective for project ideas and tips on gentle activism.


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