Crafty Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you had a nice and restful weekend.  Mine was great.  It was beautiful and sunny. I was able to take the pup on a walk and get some more plants for the recently departed ones.

I’ve been indulging in waking up semi-early, snuggling with the pup, and watching TV while working on a craft project. I found myself struggling to focus on projects this weekend, though. Actually, this is a pretty common theme with me. I have so many potential projects that it becomes the paradox of choice, and I abandon perfectly reasonable projects to chase the high of starting a new one.

I searched awhile for a project to use for one of my Caron Cakes, worked on that a little, then discarded it.  I went to Jo-Ann this weekend (miraculously only walking out with one crochet hook), but not without nearly purchasing yarn for a sweater project I had seen on Pinterest.  “YOU. ALREADY. HAVE. TWENTY. YEARS. WORTH. OF. PROJECTS,” I scolded myself and kicked myself out of the yarn aisle.

Fiancé recommended de-cluttering my craft space to help me focus more on projects. It was good advice, so I spent time re-organizing my craft table, storing craft magazines and project boxes neatly out of side, and cleared out my side table next to our couch. It felt good and mentally did allow me to refocus.  I think that’s sometimes all we need to hit the reset buttons in our brains – clear out some space, only save space for what we need to focus on. It feels good.

I was able to restart a project I hadn’t worked on in forever, and I’m pleased with how quickly it’s working up, once I allowed myself to focus on it.

IMG_0273.JPGThis is Billie Jean yarn from Wool and the Gang. I am working on their Calvin top project and am already through 1 skein out of 3 that came with the project! This yarn is so much fun, and the double crochet is really making the fabric breathable.  I am a little concerned that I will run out of yarn but we’ll see.

Alright, time for me to get ready for work. This week is full of meetings and I have a class I’m teaching on Thursday.  The reclusive introvert in me just wants to stay on the couch and work on projects, but that doesn’t pay the bills, eh? Have a great week!

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  1. I can relate emesily. My fiance´ told me the same thing this past weekend. I suffer from lettinggophobia.. (pack rat syndrome). I know it is good to de-cludder but just can’t seem to get it done.. Your project looks good.

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