A Quick (?) Respite Post

Good morning!

Somehow it’s the middle of July already, which means triple-digit weather in Texas.  My afternoon runs are completed very slowly 🙂

Keeping busy over here.  The same day I made my last post, my husband got a job offer.  We were over the moon!  It was to a really cool city.  We purchased tickets to go visit, and I told my team leader why I was going to be taking several days off during deadline mania (I figured if we were going to move in 6 weeks, I needed to see the city).  We brought our families with us on our emotional rollercoaster.  We started crunching numbers on how to afford life in the city. And we find out the next day that it was just a temporary position.  It was all for nothing. I was partially crushed and partially relieved.  We fortunately were able to get our tickets refunded since we were still within 24 hours of purchase.  While it would have been a fun adventure,  I’m happy that we’ll be in Austin for at least another year.

Work is very busy.  And honestly, crazy, because I still have probably six more reports to get out within the next month and a half.  Two of them are Affected Property Assessment Reports; while those are involved, I’ve done a lot of them, so there isn’t much of a learning curve. But there is still a (big) learning curve for the Feasibility Study reports I’m working on, so I’m expecting a lot of comments on those.  And I still have a field activities report and two groundwater monitoring reports to write. Honestly, I love my job.  And I really like being at this point in my career, where I am now part of WHY a remedy gets selected for a site…instead of being like, “Well, I guess I’m just going to be doing groundwater sampling at this site until I’m in a nursing home.”  It’s just been a little crazy lately. Speaking of, I need to get my butt to work soon.

But first –


IMG-0096 (2)

This is a beautiful skein of Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK in Parkin.  I’ve had it sitting around for years and decided to use it for a project.  So time to unwind it…and…


IMG-0097 (2)

And that’s all I’ve done with it to date, so this is a bit of a letdown.

But hey!  I finally finished that Hawthorn Handmade piece!

IMG-0103 (2).JPG

Again, I was #basicbitch for this since I used the exact same stitches and colors as the sample on the box cover…but I like it.  It is really cute. I just need to finish mounting it and find a place to hang it.

And finally…

IMG-0102 (2).JPG

So with my incredible photo taking skills, my white table looks pink. Besides that, isn’t this cute? It’s the seaside shawl from last month’s Little Box of Crochet. It’s my favorite project of theirs in a while…it’s working up soooo fast.

Ok I have to get ready, for real! Have a great week!

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