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Hi everyone.

But seriously – “Wonderful Christmastime” has burrowed its way into my brain since we decorated our tree several days ago. Husband told me he had never heard of that song before, and I was like WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN.


I have mixed feelings because it’s an objectively terrible song, but it’s also happy and I begrudgingly accept it into my life.  I hate to admit it, but I’ve turned into a grinch the past several years.  Work is usually really stressful around the holidays with like 20 deadlines, I get tired of the crowds at stores, and I AM SO DONE WITH “LAST CHRISTMAS” AND ITS ILK.  Or any Christmas song for that matter.  Done.


But I did subject Husband to “Love Actually” last weekend.  Even when I was in my single/forever alone/no one will ever love me phase in my early 20s, that movie melted my cold cold heart. I’m unsure if Husband loves it as much as I do.  But that movie gives me all the feels – even the opening and closing clips of the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport.  And when Olivia Olson is singing “All I Want for Christmas” and she turns to the sweet adorable Sam – HEART MELTED.

You all can judge me, it’s cool.

I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t had the energy to work on many crafty projects. I will not pretend that working 2 weeks straight is any kind of hardship when 10 of those days were spent in an office in front of a computer, but it did leave me pretty tired. I was able to get some rest this past weekend, but this week has been crazy.  I just have to get through tomorrow and then I am taking a vacation. I know I should probably save some vacation days for next year, but I don’t care. I need a break.

My professional engineering license came in the mail last weekend and now it’s hanging in my office – all the feels part 2.

I’ve been making progress on that baby blanket (#notmybaby), which is good, considering she was born two weeks ago.


If I really hustle, I can try and finish this before we head home to see our families.  It would nice for little baby E. to have this to snuggle with.  As for the pile of my overly ambitious gift ideas, I think I will just send little care packages throughout 2019 to my loved ones. I’ve been trying not to buy any more yarn, but I do need to make a stop this weekend for some gifts, so we’ll see how strong I will be (probably not very strong).

I guess I should go to work and stuff.

Have a happy Thursday!

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  1. Cute tree. Has Apollo destroyed it yet? Lol.

    I’ve never seen Love, Actually either. I never watch romantic comedies but I’ll give it a go if I feel I want my cold, cold heart to thaw. I’m good right now though. Haha.

    How much PTO do you get in a year? Is it two weeks like the internet says Americans get?

    Your hashtag made me lol! Hehehe. Take a pic of the finished product for us!

    Enjoy your vacation!

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    • I’m surprised to report that he hasn’t messed with the tree. Yet.

      I’ve been with my company for nearly 11 years now, so I get 3 weeks of PTO a year – but this sum includes any sick time I need to take (which, thankfully, I rarely have to take sick days).

      Haha thank you! 🙂


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