Why Is It May?

Hi friends!

This is a super quick post since things are pretty busy at the moment! Work is insane and I’ve had to pass on some of my reports to others.  Working in consulting turns you into a hoarder; I don’t LIKE giving up assigned reports, but my work load was just not sustainable.  And project management has had a STEEP learning curve that I’m still at the bottom of.  A client went MIA for two weeks, which freaked me out since he wasn’t responding to my emails or calls…but he has since resurfaced and I can breathe a little.

On top of all that, Apollo’s transition to staying in the kitchen during the day hasn’t been smooth, and I’ve been leaving work early to work from home in the afternoons to ease that transition.  It’s getting better, but it also took a higher dosage of anxiety meds to get him to this place.  Poor little guy 😦

It’s hard to believe that summer will be here soon and we will be moving.  On top of all the work I have, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed at times, buuuuuut this is just normal adult stuff, so it’s fine. At least these are all happy things we are dealing with, everyone is healthy, and it will all be managed.  We were struggling to find a house in the town we were trying to live in, so we expanded our search after two of our backup homes were listed as pending on the same day.  We found a really nice home about 30 minutes from downtown Indy, which shaves roughly 20-30 minutes from my commute, AND the town is only 20 minutes from my basic bitch necessities (Target and Barnes and Noble) versus the 40 minutes from the town we were looking at.  And Husband’s commute increases by only 10 minutes (to 52 minutes total – not awesome, but pretty close to what he’s doing already).

Yesterday we did a Facetime tour of the home, put in an offer, and found out it was accepted last night.  Physically visiting the home before putting in an offer would be more ideal, but we weren’t expecting this area to be a seller’s market.  It would be too much money to fly up and see potential homes when they may be off the market by the time we land.  We’ll fly up during the inspection to see the home and make sure there isn’t a raccoon’s den in the attic or a hidden meth lab in the backyard or whatever.  Of course the home isn’t technically ours until after the inspection, appraisal, and closing, but as our real estate agent told us, we can be cautiously optimistic.  It’s all happening fast!

So as you can imagine, my crafty time has been limited.  But I started keeping a notebook of crafty goals and listing general to-dos/productivity goals the night before to keep me focused on work (because having a third to-do list can’t hurt, right?  I love to-do lists).  I also have started a binder of patterns I want to focus on.  Trying to keep organized with my crafty projects has helped a lot.  I’m all done with the ribbing on my cardi, and now all I need are sleeves. SLEEVES. They should be so easy though! I bet I can knock them out this week. I CAN DO THISSSSS.


You may be like, “WHY ARE YOU WRITING THIS BLOG POST WHEN YOU NEED TO BE AT WORK?” I know.  It’s very soothing though. I do need to get going though, but will talk to you all soon!  Wish us luck that our potential house doesn’t have an apartment of termites living in it!

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