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The Cowl Thingy

Happy Sunday friends!

It’s the Super Bowl today and I didn’t watch it because I didn’t even know who was playing until today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today was pretty restful.  We just got back from a super quick trip to Texas, and I’m fighting a little cold.  I canceled my drum lessons and just lounged all the couch most of the day, with a couple of chore breaks in between when I felt restless.  So I’m already feeling better. AND I am happy because I have three recent makes to tell you all about! But because I want to post more than once a month, I’ll make a separate post for each one.

Starting in chronological order, let me tell you about this cowl thingy I finished over a month ago!

May I also say that the weather was AMAZING today?  It got up to the sixties.  THE SIXTIES. SO OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE TO SIT INSIDE NURSING MY COLD.

But I did decide to take advantage of the beautiful weather before doing so.


You are probably wondering why I’m calling it a “cowl thingy” and that’s because it was supposed to look like this:

But I missed the crucial step of making this into a Mobius loop.  Rather, I thought I did, until I was several rows in. But I’d already frogged this cowl several times during our drive to Texas during the holidays, so once I realized my mistake, I didn’t care. MUST FINISH AT ALL COSTS.

Soooo now it looks like this:

IMG-1159 (1)

You’re probably thinking, “Maybe it will look better if you stop trying to pull it away from your neck,” but will it?  WILL IT?

I don’t think it will.

So I don’t think I’m going to wear this unless I get super cold/desperate.  We’ll see. I’ll sleep on it. But I’m not a huge fan.  It would have looked better with the Mobius loop.

But there are a couple of things I’m happy with, despite the disappointment over the finished product. First, I used yarn from my stash! I used Caron Tea Cakes yarn for this pattern. (DON’T ASK ME THE COLORWAY because I lost the yarn band.  It’s getting discontinued, so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run.)  I also learned two new stitches – knit and purl one below! It also knit it pretty quickly; I think I finished this product in a week, which for me, is really fast!  (It helps that the yarn was super bulky).

So even if I’m less than thrilled with the finished product, I’m glad I took the time to knit this cowl thingy.

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  1. It looks great!! And funnily enough I inadvertently knit my last cowl into a Möbius band when I wasn’t supposed to and didn’t like it so maybe it was for the best! Anyway well done!

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