Hello friends! Happy March!

I am so excited about spring.  We’ve been getting snow the past week or two (nothing heavy, just enough to be an annoyance and for me to keep having to wash my car to get rid of all the salt).*  Warm weather, where are you?  But today is beautiful and sunny, and we’re expecting a high of 59 degrees.  I think I’m getting sick (AGAIN?!) but I’m feeling pretty good right now. I’m trying to get as much done as I can while my energy level is still high.

I’m now thinking about all the winter makes I didn’t get to finish, but everyone talks about how there’s one last snow storm in April…and it’s probably not going to be legitimately warm for awhile, right? I have time. I HAVE TIME. Or maybe not, since I’ll be helping with a big proposal this month at work. March will be Stressball Part 2:  THE STRESSENING.

It’s been a good weekend so far.  Husband and I went to the Children’s Museum last night. They had an adult’s only night where  local restaurants provided snacks/food, and you could eat while exploring the exhibits.  The exhibits there are great (I was NOT emotionally prepared for the Anne Frank/Ruby Bridges/Ryan White exhibit.) Definitely recommend if you ever find yourself in Indianapolis!

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco last weekend. San Francisco is awesome; while the trip itself had its highs and couple of lows, I got to run across the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a bucket list item fulfilled!  I’ll prepare a blog here soon about the trip.

I’ve been knitting a couple of things but have had to take a break.  One is a baby blanket (#notmybaby) but I need longer circular needles.  The other is a beautiful scarf, but I messed up on the pattern and now the wrong side stitches are showing on what is supposed to be the right side of the scarf, and I have to frog it.  ERGH. I was ready to set it on fire when I realized my mistake, so it’s sitting in a corner while I decide if/when I want to pick it back up again.

I’m about done with this Little Box of Crochet beret!

IMG-1256 (2)

Just three more rows and some blocking, and it’s done!  Ta daaaaa!

I still need to blog about my finished cowl with my LoveCrafts yarn – that will be next!  And then my SF trip retrospective.

I’d better get ready for drum lessons.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!



*Do you like how casually I mentioned that I’m getting used to light, non-lake effect snow?  I AM ADAPTING :p

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  1. We are having mild weather today. We are seriously lacking in snow, which is odd. You still have plenty of knitting time before the weather gets warm. This is a great time for ditching the coats and wearing sweaters and fingerless mitts.

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  2. We are having a quite warm winter here in Andalusia Spain. My son has just come back from the ski trip but I haven’t seen the snow for many years now.
    Your crocheted beret is lovely!

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