Fulfillment with the Familiar

Happy Sunday, friends!

I’m relaxing after a busy week at work (which extended a bit into Saturday, as well). Yesterday we took the pup on another hiking trip. It was a new park and we basically had it all to ourselves.  It was beautiful! The weather was sunny and in the 80s, and I was so happy.  Meanwhile, I hear Texas is supposed to hit 100 degrees next week…I miss the heat, but not THAT kind of heat.

Meanwhile, Indiana is slowly opening back up, but Indianapolis has extended their stay at home order until May 15th. We’re also encouraged to work remotely, if we can, until at least the end of May.  It gives me some time to tinker with some more hair-dying experiments, at least.  Whether we’ll actually be able to return to work in a month remains to be seen.

I was thinking this week how much I’ve come to rely on the novelty of doing new things to pass my time.  Buying a new book, a new magazine, new yarn.  Finding new places to visit or restaurants to eat at.  While there’s obviously nothing wrong with any of these things, being in quarantine means finding fulfillment outside of novelty. I’ve instead been able to tackle projects and books that have long been on my shelf.  Once all this ends, I think I’ll be proud of the creative projects I’ve finished.  This week, I’ve come back to the French Press Cardi I started back in September.


Why did this sit so long, unfinished? I don’t know.  Starting a new project is always fun, admittedly. That will never change.  But picking up old projects feels good, too.  This week, I was able to finish the sleeves and am now going to start the lower body. If I work hard, I think this can be finished in a couple of weeks!

I’ve been frustrated by the inability to travel anywhere (this is definitely coming from a place of privilege),  but I’ve been finding joy with simple walks with the pup.  This week we were walking outside when a rain storm rolled through.  I knew it was going to rain, with the dropping temperatures and foreboding sky.  But I kept walking. Once it started raining, Apollo and I started running home.  We had too much distance to cover for his tiny little legs and his age, so I scooped him up and sprinted home. We were soaked by the time we arrived home, where Husband was waiting for us by the front door with towels.  I took the pup in the living room and cuddled him in the towels while we watched the rain.  It was very cozy and sweet, and I’m happy we had that experience.

I’d better get up and do some chores before I dig into another project. I hope you all are cozy and safe, and getting some beautiful weather wherever you’re at.

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  1. The Governor of New York has closed schools through the end of the academic year which is June 30. That basically means business with not open 100% since parents still need to be home with their children. I don’t mind. As long as New Yorkers are still dying by the hundreds, I think it is prudent.

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