Black Lives Matter

I know this post is outside of my normal WIP post, but there’s no way I could blog about the pandemic on here and not about this. Right now there are a lot of protests happening in the States for Black Lives Matter following the murder of George Floyd. Sadly, this has not been an isolated incident.

Black lives matter and it’s long overdue that we focus on the system injustices they face every day in our country. I absolutely support the protesters and find the actions of this president abhorrent.

I think there are many different ways we can show our support. Sharing information on social media, protesting, donating if we are financially able, having difficult conversations with family and friends. Working on your own implicit biases by reading anti-racism books and resources. Learning from Black anti-racist educators like Rachel Cargle and Layla Saad. Diversifying your social media feed so that you learn about perspectives other than your own.

If you have the financial means, this page includes lots of resources you can donate to. You can even split your donation.

We all have a lot of work to do – and I of course include myself in this category! It’s my sincere hope that we can finally effect change and that this topic remains important to us long after the protests die down.

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