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Staycation 2020



Morning friends! Somehow, we are now officially halfway through this dumpster fire of a year. But onto more positive topics – it is the first day of my staycation! I definitely limped to the finish line on this one. I love my job but finding the mental focus has been rough. I am definitely burned out! But I finished the reports, reviewed the invoices, and filled out the timesheets. And now I’m freeeeee to do what I waaaaaant any old time (or at least until 9 am Wednesday, July 8th, when I get back to work).

I have some fun plans for the long weekend. Some hiking will be involved (but NOT on the 4th, since half of Indiana will be at the parks). We’re going to Barnes and Noble Saturday morning when it first opens (just to minimize contact with people), and I cannot tell you how EXCITED I AM to SHOP IN A BOOKSTORE for the first time since March. (I have literally dreamed about it! Isn’t that sad? THIS IS MY TRUTH). Definitely have some crafty plans….some virtual creative projects with the friends….and Sunday is my birthday! I will be 36. It feels weird to be closer to 40 than 30, but age is just a number, live the power of your dreams, etc etc.

Speaking of birthday, Husband got me an early birthday gift.


Don’t worry, he got me a yarn winder too! I am so happy with this gift. I have been eyeing one for awhile. He watched me wind some yarn using a chair a couple of weeks ago, and that gave him the idea to get me one. He is the best yarn husband!

Of course, Apollo thought it was a gift for him. This time, I locked him out of his play area while taking the blog photo, which he wasn’t amused by.

Puppy eyes, they’re watching you

I think today’s project will involve finishing the March 2019 Little Box of Crochet project, which is a little scarf. I had made good progress on it last year, but then my move happened.

Most of these were crocheted last year. The ones I’ve made recently look better, so it’s fun to see the difference in skill level in even one year.

I’m also working on a Little Box of Knitting shawl! No WIP pictures because I’ve had to frog it several times. Ugh! Knit, yarn over, knit and the yarn overs are giving me challenges, because I don’t do them consistently and the eyelets look gross. I’m going to take my time with the next attempt.

Off I go. Have a great day!

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  1. Happy early birthday! And what a gift — I’d love a swift like that one! Have a wonderful time at the bookstore. We went the other day to B&N and it was so lovely to be doing something normal and to be amongst books that I’m afraid I spent a bit more than usual!

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  2. Happy birthday for Sunday! I hope you had a lovely, relaxing day 🙂
    What a fantastic present, a useful AND pretty swift rather than one of those nasty plastic ones. You lucky thing!
    Have you been to the bookshop yet? What was it like? I’m sooooo jealous!

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