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Quarantine Yarn

I know I said in one of my previous posts that I was trying to stop myself from buying more yarn, which is true. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t purchased ANY yarn lately.

Some recent acquisitions:

Back in March, one of my first quarantine treats was signing up for Juneteenth Club from Lady Dye Yarns . She has lots of different themed clubs that change throughout the year. I also received a free pattern with this kit, the Jubilance Kerchief. I am eagerly awaiting her Summer Surprise box next!

This is a very recent acquisition from Sewrella Yarns. She does monthly themed collections. June’s collection was vacation-themed. I got the “California Dreamin'” colorway as a memento of my trip to San Francisco in February (was that only this year? Good lord).

One of my close friends sent me a Texas-themed package in July, which included this beautiful Bernat Velvet yarn. I don’t recall the colorway, but it matched the bluebonnet-themed items she sent me. All the feels.

I was ordering some more yarn from Lion Brand to finish a shawl I was making (which is still unfinished, though I’m so close – EMBARRASSING). I decided to order a kit from Knits N’ Knots. The texture is really nice. I haven’t done anything with it though (surprise).

It would have been helpful to take a picture of the actual sleeve rather than the model’s face.

Those are my quarantine acquisitions to date! More to come…? 🙂

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