You Can’t See the Morning, but I Can See the Light

Hello friends.

How is it nearly October? I feel like March and April were two years long, and as we settle in this weird routine, time is slipping through my fingers. That’s a good thing. I am ready to pack this part of my life into a cardboard box, close it tightly with all the duct tape, and drop kick it out the door.

The news cycle this week continues to be garbage. Continued injustices in the Breonna Taylor case – garbage. New Supreme Court justice nominee – garbage. Oh no, debates are already starting next week? Ugh. UGH. The only good news at the moment is that Johnson & Johnson moved into Phase III of the vaccine trials, so we have four very good candidates for a vaccine…and experts I trust (i.e. Dr. Fauci, because he’s, you know, a TRAINED EXPERT and has experience working through MULTIPLE EPIDEMICS, dipshits on Facebook) are saying that it’s very possible we’ll have several vaccines ready by 2021…I know not all of our problems are going to magically disappear by 2021 (racial injustices, disparities in health care are going to require our attention long after the news cycle fades) but the fact that we’re already talking about vaccines fills me with encouragement.

If you’re wary of vaccine development being politicized (which is a very legitimate fear), I recommend following Jessica Malaty Rivera and Laurel Bristow on Instagram. They are infectious diseases experts and have been very open about the vaccine trials. They do frequent informational sessions on Stories talking about vaccines and dispelling any rumors or sensationalist headlines (no, it’s not bypassing hand-washing and mask wearing). Basically, if they are good with the vaccine(s), then I am. Following their pages has given me some semblance of control during this pandemic and keeps me from wanting to crawl under my bed and hang out with Apollo until there’s a vaccine.

Anyway. What have I been up to? Hmm. Lots of random things. Work has been keeping me busy. I’m working with an engineer out of Ohio on my Texas projects, so it’s been a fun way of bringing two worlds at work together. He’s an expert in groundwater injections and treatment, and he has been really great about explaining technical information to me or sending papers. I have been learning so much. (There is sooo much to learn. So much). I’m also starting a PFAS project which will be really interesting and challenging. My coworkers and I have also been building 30-day playlists which has been really fun! I felt so vulnerable sharing mine – it was like sharing a diary! If you’d like to listen, here’s mine.

I’ve also been doing some writing and blanket making! My friend sent me some beautiful yarn for my birthday back in July (it was a Texas bluebonnet-themed package – all the feels), so I turned it into a lapghan!

This is Bernat Velvet Stripes yarn in Hemlock Shadow. It’s sooo soft and cozy. I just did simple half double crochet stitches. It was a soothing project and worked up very quickly.

We’ve also been getting a lot of solace from nature. Last weekend we took Apollo on a 7-mile hike. Seven miles??? We did some research before taking him to make sure that it would be safe for our pupper. My research indicated dachshunds could walk up to 9 miles in a day, but to keep an eye on their general enthusiasm during the trip and for warning signs like stopping, not wanting to walk, etc. The little dude walked the entire trail! He did get a little tired by the end, but he surprised us with his fitness.

This weekend the entire family was drained, so we kept it short at two miles.

Well, I need to go prep for my Italian lesson and fix the shelves in my closet (they collapsed and tore holes in the wall while doing so, an appropriate metaphor for 2020. We realized they were installed with a nail gun into the dry wall rather than screws? WHY???) I hope you all have a good Sunday and are practicing lots of self care.

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  1. Thank you for the Instagram recommendations, it is difficult to find reliable sources. I love how far Apollo’s little legs take him. He is a superstar ✨! The colors in your blanket are very calming and beautiful; you’ll get many cozy nights with that. 💖

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  2. Ciao Jen,

    Sarà un mese molto stressante con la politica e il Coronavirus. E poi con la nomina del nuovo giudice della Corte suprema Amy Barrett, insinua alcuni dubbi per i democratici. Ma purtroppo questa è un’altra scelta sbagliata di Trump. Ti auguro una settimana serena. Xo

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  3. Yes, music can be so personal! But it’s also super fun to try to convert people to love the same music as you. I confess, I did look at your playlist & there would not be much overlap between us — a lot of songs I didn’t know! But then I saw Neil Diamond. 🙂 Your blanket is lovely, and I’m sure it’ll be a treat to curl up with as the weather gets cooler.

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    • It is! What music do you like? I like that song because it helped me get through some lonely periods when I’d just moved to Austin but it didn’t feel like home. Now rediscovering it again!

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      • Neil Diamond reminds me of my mom, and all the great music we listened to as kids. Nowadays, I don’t even know how to describe it, but maybe singer/songwriter, or a little bit of indie/folk? Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Ray LaMontagne, First Aid Kit. Mostly I like beautiful voices that make me feel things, if that makes sense.

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  4. Aww, fit Apollo made me proud, too, from far far away!
    I really hope we get the vaccine soon, I could maybe visit my family in Poland without feeling scared that I’d bring the virus to their home…

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    • Thank you 🙂 I hope so too. I believe the Oxford vaccine is the frontrunner in Europe! They still haven’t restarted the trials here in the US, but at least we have a couple more. Fingers crossed it will be over soon!

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