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Three Things – Self Care Edition

It’s a sad and scary time right now in the States. I voted last week and it was a respectful experience. Just a short line, everyone wore masks. I cast my ballot for Biden/Harris…and now we just sit. And wait.

I hope you all are safe and are practicing lots of self-care. I hope you are enjoying whatever bits of normalcy you can in this strange year.

Here are three things I’ve been enjoying:

  1. Retail Therapy

About a week ago, I decided to indulge in some online shopping. I bought a bunch of fall sweaters and tops from Target. Some of them, I didn’t realize, were crop tops, but fortunately I have some basic sleeveless tees that I can layer underneath. I couldn’t pull off crop tops when I was in college, and I’m certainly not going to try now.

I also bought the new Urban Decay palette. I’ve noticed that the more time I spend at home, the more I’ve been dressing up. I mean, I’m not wearing fancy clothes or anything. But I’ve tired of the wavy hair/band t-shirt look. It boosts my mental health to straighten my hair, experiment with my makeup, and wear a super cute top with leggings.


I’m pretty sure I had a version of this shirt in 1996.

2. Fall Sights

I laughed at myself when I realized that every one of my recent Instagram posts were some variation of, “IT’S DEFINITELY FALL, YOU GUYS.” But, seriously. I really love fall here. In Texas, leaves don’t start changing color until…November/December? Maybe? And it’s definitely not as dramatic from what I’ve observed here.

3. Creative Endeavors

Of course!

Last Saturday I did a virtual painting session with a friend. I think it was inexplicably turning out well, until the very end when I messed everything up.

The pink in the water was supposed to be very light, but my untrained, clumsy hands took the paint brush and threw that pink on there in wide swaths. Whoops. Maybe I can hang this up in the laundry room where only I will ever see it.

I’ve also started knitting this project, drooooool.

It’s a simple knit for beginners…you knit the squares and seam them all together. I was excited to order Hue and Me yarn for this project (add that to the retail therapy list, oop). I had to select six colors for this project, but they were basically selected for me since Lion Brand was nearly out of everything. Fortunately I like the colors I selected. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I guess I need to do responsible things like shower and get ready for work, but hope you all are doing well. I send you all big virtual hugs.

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