A Little Bit of Sunshine

Happy weekend, friends!

Wednesday was a wonderful day. I know there won’t be overnight changes now that Biden is in office, but I’ve been feeling optimism about the pandemic (and life in general) for the first time in a very long time. If the pandemic is marathon, we’re at mile 20. I know I’m relatively not THAT far from the finish line. But I’m but far enough from it to where I’d get mad if crowd support yelled “ONLY SIX MORE MILES LEFT!” because those six miles will still feel like FOREVER.*

I bought this print from one of my favorite artists, Lisa Congdon. It will be a beautiful keepsake of a historic day.

Work is keeping me busy. I was feeling good about it until Friday. I dislike ending the week on a low note, because then I enter the weekend full of self-doubt and self-loathing. But we had a wonderful hike yesterday that was the perfect tonic. We participated in a Winter Poetry Walk. Winter poems were dotted along the trail. I enjoyed the poems and, as a generally anti-winter person, they made me appreciate the beauty of the season more. Plus, how could I not enjoy these views?

I lapped up the sunshine this week, but today has returned to the usual gray. It was nice while it lasted!

In other news, finished my sweater!

I haven’t tried it on yet, or bothered to weave in the ends (as you can see) since I was so eager to start my next project. If you see this sweater in a post three months from now, you’ll know what happened. I’m really happy with it, though. When I say it used up every scrap of yarn, it used up EVERY SCRAP OF YARN – I had maybe a six-inch string left by the time I finished it (which is also why, COUGH, the sleeve cuffs are different colors).

I’ve next moved on to a Make and Do Crew pattern, continuing to craft from my stash. So far the color pooling is working out very nicely.

Well, Apollo has decided that he needs to be on my lap rather than my laptop, so this is a good time to wrap up this post. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

*Especially if in our analogy, the pandemic is like the first marathon I ran where it was 85 degrees by the last six miles. IT WAS A VERY LONG SIX MILES, FRIENDS.

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  1. I love the concept of a poetry walk. We had wall to wall blue skies on Sunday. I sat by the river for over an hour. Your sweater looks great-have fun weaving in the ends, girl!
    Tell Apollo I said ‘Hi!’!

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  2. I’ve been feeling optimistic overall too; it’s a lovely feeling! I know things aren’t magically perfect, but it sure is nice to have hope that they might get better sometime soon. Your sweater looks awesome!

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