Spring Ennui

Happy Saturday, friends!

I need to create a blog template that goes something like this:

“Happy (instert day of the week here), friends! It’s been awhile since I posted. (Insert month here) has been a slog. (insert things I did here) (insert something about how much I hate winter) (insert self-deprecating joke here)”

But seriously, March was a slog. Ugh. The weather here is still really cold and gray, but at least it’s April and it can only get sunnier and warmer from here. Right? RIGHT? I am a houseplant who needs warm, direct sunlight and I am currently not receiving the nutrients I need to THRIVE AND FLOURISH. That is an overly dramatic way of saying that it takes awhile to warm up in the Midwest and that I am a summer child waiting for some heat.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I’m currently typing this post from the breakfast bar in my kitchen, because I’ve been on my couch all morning and UGH, NO MORE COUCH TIME. The dog is very concerned with my plan, and keeps coming into the kitchen and staring at me.

Case in point (ignore my floors, I need to sweep them and I don’t need JUDGMENT):

Why does it take me 63 years to figure out to how to crop out the unswept floors from this picture, resize it, and align it in the center? I really hate this version of the WordPress editor.


The problem with living in a smaller city like this one is limited options for eating at restaurants that are not chains or bars, activities, and general culture. This, combined with gloomy weather and the isolation of work from home = EXTREME ENNUI (band name?) GRATITUDE PRACTICE: I’m finding friends here, work from home is a luxury, and I really do enjoy some of the things this place has to offer. ATTITUDE PRACTICE: But it also kind of sucks and I’m getting very bored of it. Luckily we are not far from Indianapolis and Bloomington, so we’ve been able to spend some time there.

Hmm, what else.

I got a tattoo a couple of weeks ago and it is healing nicely. I got it in a cool little shop in Indy. I booked it in December and still had no idea of what arm I was going to put it on until I was in the shop and getting the stencil. Ultimately I decided on my left inner bicep (so I can expand my shoulder cap/quarter sleeve on my right arm in the future). Getting it done on the inner bicep was not as bad as the internet made it sound like it would be, buuuut the last 30 minutes or so did suck. I do eventually want to expand the piece I got last year, but I’m going to take my time with it and let this new one settle in. The decision to permanently modify your body is an interesting process. On one hand, I think of myself even just 5 or 10 years ago and see a completely different person. Am I going to be sick of these pieces ten years from now? But on the other hand, I’ve been picking pieces that are deeply personal and are connected to my growth the past couple of years, pieces that celebrate leaving darker chapters of my life behind. So even if 60-year-old me wouldn’t choose to get a bird on her shoulder at that point in her life, hopefully she will still resonate with the choices that her 38-year-old self made.

Ok, picture time.

Last week we discovered a new trail, which was fun. And this week, Goosie did a silent meow when she saw me, then sat and waited for me to feed her instead of running under the deck. EEEEEEEE.

I also finished some crafy things:

The projects on the left and right are old Little Box of Crochet patterns, and the embroidery pattern in the middle (which I am too lazy to edit, so use your imagination to see how it looks right-side up) is from Pop Lush Embroidery. The cowl on the left didn’t fit over my head at all and is probably suitable for a seven-year-old child. Yayyyy! This is what I get for not doing a gauge swatch! The project on the right has been a work in progress for years and finishing it now is barely an accomplishment.

I also finished some books. These are all good reads that I’d recommend.

I’m going to wrap up with the Currently List, then go and do something with my life. I have some friends coming over later for a craft night, so that will be fun. I hope you all have a great weekend, and that it’s sunny and warm-ish in your part of the woods (if you dig that kind of weather).

Currently: The List

  • Watching – I’ve been catching up on Keya’s World live streams. Is it a good use of my time? No. Is she hilarious and do I enjoy watching her snark on self help and toxic positivity culture? Yesssss.
  • Listening – I’ve been a lofi bitch lately. My favorite lofi channel, Tunable Music, got shut down last year (or hacked? Bought out? I don’t know), but they played a lot of stuff from Dreamhop Music, which I love. There are also old archived videos from Tunable Music that I found on the Wayback Machine that I listen to.
  • Reading – The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa. I haven’t gotten too far but it’s good so far.
  • Eating – Why do I have this bullet? I’m not eating anything at the moment. I made homemade pizza last night and it was pretty good, if I do say so myself.
  • Making – An old Little Box of Crochet kit that involves make a tiny cameo of Frida Kahlo, and it’s a cute project but extremely tedious.

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  1. Jennifer- so good to see another post from you. Sorry to hear about the crummy weather. I know how it feels to miss Texas. Kate is making you all a care package. Maybe she will get it done soon enough to lift your spirits. The bluebonnets are in great bloom this year and I am always thankful for another Spring. Thinking of you and hoping to see you soon! 💕💕

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