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Things I Love Hate Watching: Tiny House Hunters

I didn’t realize it until this year, but I love hate watching Tiny House Hunters.  The show is both utterly charming and completely infuriating.  I like seeing the pretty houses.  BUT I ALSO HATE THIS SHOW.

Let me be clear – I can respect the trend to simplify and downsize.  I totally get it.  I live in a house where one of us has a penchant for keeping everything.  And my dog isn’t any better, as he has a giant basket of puppy toys.  My dog! Why does he need so many toys?   Single homeowners, childless couples, young families needing to downsize to save money for their future- I completely respect these people want to restructure their lives and simply live with what they need, and they are excluded from this post of hate watching.

But I have a harder time with the otherwise affluent parents who want to move their large families into a 300 square foot home for the ~experience~ and then pay a boatload of money for a house that is essentially the size of my master bedroom.  The time I really, really enjoy hate watching this show involves the following typical scenario:*

“Hi!  We are looking for a tiny house.  I really want something that will bring us closer together as a family – and by family, I mean my husband, two teenage kids, two toddlers under the age of 3, and our dogs! They’re part of the family too! They are both labs and they are the BEST! Anything larger than 200 square feet just WOULDN’T FIT OUR FAMILY’S NEEDS.”

So by this time, understandably I am simultaneously questioning the sanity of these people, feeling terribly sorry for all the juveniles involved, and feasting on the JUDGMENT THAT IS ABOUT TO COMMENCE.

So then they start their tiny house tour, and it always, ALWAYS involves one of the following:

  1.  Someone gets real excited over a composting toilet.

Source: HGTV

2.  A tiny loft is somehow supposed to fit a couple’s 4+ children.  Because all growing kids want to do is SHARE A REALLY TINY SPACE WITH ALL THEIR SIBLINGS 24/7.

Bonus points if at least one of the kids is a teenager and one of the other siblings just stopped having to use a teething ring.


Source: HGTV

3. My favorite part:  when someone complains about the lack of space, either in the kitchen, bathroom, loft, bedroom, closet, etc.


Source:  HGTV

This scenario is the pure culmination of my hate watching experience!  It brings me so much rage and joy!  Why are you complaining about lack of space when you are wanting a TINY HOUSE?  What were you expecting to find when you opened up your closet?  Narnia?

Thank you for reading this rant, and please tell me what you hate watch so I can feel less like a terrible human being.

*Please note that I’m digging up a bunch of random pictures of tiny houses off the internet.  If this is your house, I AM SORRY.


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