A Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I had a great, relaxing weekend.  It was just the tonic I needed after a busy week…I was able to stay late last week and finish several of my neglected reports.  So now they’re either in review or revision mode…and one can wait after 8/31 so I’ll have something to do when our client’s fiscal year ends. Yay!

Here’s what I did:

  • Bought an adorable small toy that I am too old for.  BUT IT’S SO CUTE AND I DON’T CARE.


    It’s a little bear playing bear-shaped cymbals, stoopppppppppp

  • Submitted a practice exam for my PE exam study class and received a good score! Granted, it was just over water resources engineering, but that is one of my weaknesses since I am not in that field.  The review class I’m taking now is really good and is helping me understand the concepts a lot more.
  • Boring adult stuff like chores and catching up on my project management class, which I am still behind on.
  • Went hiking!  Some friends drove up from San Antonio and hiked with us at the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.  The best part of the hike wasn’t caught on film (~just like real life~)  We were watching a roadrunner and it flew right by me!
  • Watched Eighth Grade.  It’s a great film – sweet, funny, so cringeworthy.  Heartbreaking in some scenes, too. I feel like Bo Burnham really captured the essence of being a thirteen-year-old girl. The film brought back a lot of memories for Husband and me.  Middle school was TERRIBLE and that was without social media (my middle school years were from 1995-1998. )
  • Shopped the Farmer’s Market after the movie and bought some ice cream!
  • Picked up a poetry collection from a Texan writer, Analicia Sotelo.  The collection is called Virgin and so far it’s really good.
  • Bought some yarn from Teeny Button Studio’s Harry Potter Mystery Skein Club because WHY NOT.
  • Chatted about blogging with my mom!  We will be doing guest posts on each other’s blogs in the future. If you haven’t checked out my mom’s blog, she writes about fashion, makeup, and my super adorable fur brother Claudio here.
  • Getting close to finishing my shawl.  I’m getting there! I promise!  I have three more rows and then the edging.
IMG-0114 (3).JPG

Adding a coffee cup to make this more Instagram-y. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY IS IT STILL PINK

I need to head to work. Hope you all have a great Monday!

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  1. I crocheted a tiny teddy bear, a bit similar to the one you bought, and I carry it around in my purse. It’s been to a few countries with me already! Sometimes when I want to annoy my boyfriend a little I take the bear out and pretend it talks to him… I guess everyone needs a break from being adult sometimes 😉

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