Flying on the Wings of Your Dreams


Yesterday was a great day, and I’m still digesting everything.  On Monday, my project manager emailed me, asking me if I felt comfortable doing a client presentation on Friday. I was definitely honored to be given the opportunity.  But I was also terrified.  I’m used to giving classes at work for safety topics, but I’ve never given a client presentation before.  And this presentation would be more technically involved.  Not like, “Hey guys, maybe we shouldn’t walk and stare at our cell phones!” like I’m used to, but more, “Here is this statistical analysis that we ran on groundwater plume stability and the data analysis we performed proving that it’s going to take forever for these contaminants to degrade unless we do some kind of active remedy.”

After deciding that responding with vomit emojis would be unprofessional, I emailed saying that I would be happy to.

I had this awful presentation experience in high school where my team and I went up in front of the class without having rehearsed or really put any effort into constructing a cohesive presentation (you know, the brilliant decisions you make at 16).  IT WAS TERRIBLE.  We stumbled all over the place.  I remember word vomiting a definition for communism, and one of my classmates looking stunned, then shaking her head emphatically.  That was almost 18 years ago, and I still cringe thinking about that humiliating presentation. But it was a great life lesson – always overprepare for presentations.

The presentation went VERY well, and better than expected. I originally had more posted here, but it felt very personal and I felt weird about keeping it public.  I will just say that I’m still digesting everything.

I am also almost finished with my shawl, so I’ll be making a post about that this weekend.

I’m going to enter a Magic tournament too EEEEEK.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Congratulations, Jennifer!!!! 😀🎶🎉💕🎂 I know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I’m so proud of all you are and all you do. Keep up the great work! Love, Mrs. Tuley 😀🎶💕

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