Weekend Updates – Hiking, Magic (Cards) and Craftiness

Good morning! It’s hard to believe it’s already August 20th.  The month is slipping through my fingers.  Only 11 days left in the fiscal year and a little more than two months until my test.

The past two weekends have been fun.  On Saturday, we explored Bull Creek Park.  It was beautiful. I definitely want to go back – there’s a lot of park to explore.


We’ve been playing a lot of Magic too. We drafted two weekends ago. I was really intimidated at first, but I found playing one-on-one in a tournament setting to be much less intimidating than Two-Headed Giant.  I built a black/white deck and threw a bunch of flyers in it.  It performed fairly well. I mean, I was 1-2, but I didn’t even expect to win a game.  I beat my husband in a very close first round, then lost in a tiebreaker to someone else on the second round.  Then I lost to someone with a black/red regeneration deck.  Yesterday we played Two Headed Giant with my dad and brother, which is fun – we set up a webcam and are able to play pretty well in that format.

I’m done with my project management certification class which is a relief, because now I have a (little) more time to study.  I’ve been able to work on a couple of projects in my spare time.  I’m finally done with my seaside shawl, but I’m going to make a separate post for it (instead of adding another photo of it crumpled on a deceptively pink table).  One of Husband’s coworkers, who I met through playing Magic, is also really crafty, so we got together on Saturday to work on sewing projects.  In theory, I REALLY want to learn how to sew, but I dread actually SEWING.  Does that make sense? Anyway, once I stopped procrastinating, I was able to work on a shirt I’m making.


It has pleats?  Will I even wear a pleated shirt?  Why did I start making this?  Do I even like this fabric anymore? TOO LATE.

I made a couple of pleats but then – this may sound familiar- the lines I had marked weren’t straight, so I started ~winging~ the pleats.


Hey, do you know what happens when you start ~winging it~ behind the sewing machine?  TIME TO UNDO EVERYTHING.

Well, not everything.  A pleat.  But this means that my shirt will sit in my basket for another two months.  JUST KIDDING. But not really.

I’m also flying through the July Little Box of Crochet project.


It’s a clutch! It’s a cute project.  I am going to add a strap because I can probably count the number of times I’ve used a clutch on one hand. And I was probably thinking, “THIS NEEDS A STRAP” the entire time I was doing it.  You can see that I had some tension issues at the bottom. I had to ignore the pattern once I got to the foldover part of the clutch – otherwise, it was going to be horribly uneven.  I hope to have this finished this week.

Heyyyy I should probably get ready for work.  Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. agreed, I don’t see the point in a clutch – a bag is supposed to be convenient, why would you want to hold it! It is cute though. If you like the idea of sewing, but not the sewing, why not start with cushion covers or simple bags or toys or something instead of jumping into something that needs precision?

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    • Haha, glad I’m not the only one. So I have been sewing on and off for a couple of years, and have completed the simple projects like cushion covers and bags…even have taken a couple of classes and made simple garments like shirts and skirts…but I can’t seem to work up the confidence I need to make garments on my own! I’m hoping to gain more confidence with practice. But maybe I shouldn’t have started with pleats :p


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