Little Box of Crochet – Seaside Shawl

Good morning all!

I wanted to post a picture of a project that I have ACTUALLY FINISHED.



I don’t know if you all remember the Windows 95 shutdown sound, but for some reason, it seems appropriate to play here when presenting a finished project.  It brings an appropriate amount of fanfare, I think.

Anyway, let’s see what came in this box, shall we?

…did I take a picture of the box contents?

::furiously combs through iPad photos::

The answer to this question is YES but also NO, because here’s what I’ve got:


Well, this is super helpful, right? You could probably gather what color yarn you were getting by, you know, my finished project.

Besides the obvious yarn and crochet hook, you get a cute postcard, a patch, a stitch marker, and a little anchor charm to hang at the end of your completed project (not shown in the photos below because I forgot about said anchor charm until now).

I really loved this project!  It worked up pretty quickly, despite the endless photos I posted here of it sitting half-finished on a pink table.  I realize that I tend to procrastinate on projects that have amigurumi because of all the counting.  Though this project required counting stitches, it was much more relaxed, and the pattern was easy to follow.

I think I’ll pair this shawl with either the outfit I’m wearing above, or a sleeveless maxi dress for the office.  Honestly, we’re at the point of the Texas summer where you risk a heat stroke if you step outside after 12 pm, so I don’t plan on wearing this outdoors until, I don’t know, November.  And I don’t live near the ocean, so it won’t be able to live up to its namesake.  But this shawl will be perfect for my air-conditioned office.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I can’t wait to see all the projects you’re working on!

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