A Cozy Weekend and Squishy Blanket Makes

This weekend I had a hard time studying.  I studied for 3 hours on Saturday and 3.5 hours Sunday.  The weather was rainy and cozy this weekend, and though this should have helped me get more into study mode, I really wanted to be doing other things.

We did a little bit of shopping on Saturday.  I’ve been wanting something new to welcome in fall, but I’ve started hating trying on clothes at the store…and for my wallet’s sake, I stay away from Target as much as I can. I went on Modcloth to find something fun for fall. I don’t shop there often, since it can be expensive, but as long as my purchase doesn’t qualify for free shipping, then I haven’t spent too much money.

This dress did not qualify for free shipping.


It’s so cute! And appears to fit the imaginary “dollar bill length above the knee” rule that I took from school and now apply to my work outfits.*

We went to Half Price, and I bought a couple of books:


I’ve been eyeing the Embroidery Workshops book for awhile, but didn’t want to pay full price for it at the bookstore.  It comes with a sampler, so I’m excited to see what new skills I can learn.

Then I decided it was time to spend the Hill Country Weavers gift card Husband got me for my birthday:


I posted awhile back about trying out the Speckled Squares Blanket but using more of a fingering weight yarn for the pattern.  Though the square was cute, I didn’t think the yarn weight had potential to be a cozy blanket.  I bought several skeins of Spun Right Round Squish DK instead, which I believe was the original yarn Jackie Hodson used for her yarn kits (it appears she has her own line of yarn now for the kits).

This yarn is so beyond squish. It is next level squish.


I am sooooo happy with the texture and feel of this square, especially when I compare it to the other square I’d made with fingering weight yarn.


This blanket is going to be so cozy and fun to make.  The pattern is a bit tricky at first, even though it uses single crochet (double crochet for UK readers).  But once I got the hang of it, the square worked up quickly. I can’t wait to show you my progress as I work on this blanket. I’m currently on the second square.  This is going to be a relaxing study break.

I hope you have a wonderful week!










*That I break every so often, provided the dress is still professional-ish and I’m wearing something like tights and boots.

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    • Thank you! I love her shoes too! I have two squares completed – I am hoping to have it completed by the holidays! 🙂 It helps that the weather has been rainy, cozy, and cooler. Puts me in a blanket making mood as well 🙂

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