A Quick Update Post

This morning’s blog post is an exercise of “Can I do ALL the things (study, yoga, and blog post) before work and still arrive at a semi-respectable time?”


We’ve been keeping busy over in this cozy house.  I studied a lot this weekend, while Husband has been prepping lesson plans for the class he is teaching as an adjunct this fall.  We’ve been carving out some time to unwind, though.  I ran four miles on Sunday at my favorite trail for the first time in a LONG time.  We ate at a Balkan restaurant on Saturday that played Italian music.  I had a yummy coffee with my sandwich and we took our time, enjoying our meal.


I bought some more books and craft magazines that I probably won’t be able to enjoy until after my exam.  But yes, the studying.  The intensity is increasing as I draw closer to my exam.  Yesterday, I reached the 100 hour mark. I was pleased because I made a 78 on a practice exam in my water class (even with leaving 3 problems blank).  I was actually a little depressed as I submitted the exam, because I didn’t think I did very well.  I have to keep pushing myself, though; I’ve been getting a LOT of practice with water, but not as much with air.  I mean, I’m about done reviewing my air binder and I have been working some problems out of a textbook.  But I just don’t have the same resources and depth of problems with air that I do with water.  I have roughly 5 weeks before the exam, so there is still some time to mitigate this.

And this week, I’m studying for the final phase of my project management class.  I haven’t studied this much since college!

I haven’t had a ton of time to work on my crafty projects. Lately I’ve been working on the shrug that requires no counting and just single crochet (double crochet for UK readers).  But I did make some progress with my Speckled Square blanket:


I am really digging the scrappy look.

Ok, I should probably get ready for work now. Have a great Tuesday!

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