Neglected Projects – Lion Brand’s Simple Shrug

Today’s blog post is admittedly a cheater post.  I figured there was no point in posting another picture of the same six squares of the Speckled Square Blanket I’m working on; progress has been very slow.  There’s of course my looming exam (136.5 hours in).  We were also working on our wedding video this week, so that ate into my normal craft time at the end of the day.  I’ve taken the day off today for ACL and was trying to spend most of the morning studying, but I’m tired and the air problem set I was working on made me sad.  So BLOG POST TIME.

The last time I went to ACL in 2016, I’d brought a crochet project with me.  I blogged about it here. I also posted a picture of my dog snuggling in the failed version of that shrug here.

So I posted that I was working on that project two years ago, right?  Yeah. Then it sat it my WIP basket for at least a year before I dug it out again. When I finally finished it, it then sat abandoned upstairs until February.

Yes. You understood this correctly. I am posting pictures of a project I started two years ago, finished a year (???) ago, and didn’t take pictures of until February of THIS YEAR.  Then I decided that since the shrug seemed more autumnal, I should wait until fall to post it.

So two years later, TA DAAA!


There are not many good pictures in this set. Like what the hell is this picture.


I like the colorway though, and how it looks in the back:


YAYYYYYY.  I might bring it to ACL with me, to ~bring it full circle~

Ok, I feel less sad about studying, so I’d better get back to it. Have a great Friday!

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