I Should Be Getting Ready for Work

…but here’s an update! Good morning everyone!


This was my eighth ACL, so while the novelty of the crowds and event itself has long worn off, the shows I saw were really good.  We saw Paul McCartney on Friday and Metallica Saturday.  I am fortunate enough to say that this is my second time seeing Paul McCartney, so I was able to fulfill my nerdy wish of singing along to “Hey Jude” with the rest of the crowd once more.  Husband has never seen Metallica before, so he really enjoyed that.  I also saw CHVRCHES, who put on a good show.  Those shows made up for the long lines, the heat (Friday was BAD, and I’m used to hot weather), and the ten dollar festival tacos.  TEN DOLLAR TACOS.  WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

I wish I could have seen Phoenix  and Parquet Courts on Sunday, but I was worn out and I needed to study.  Next time,  I guess.


153.25 hours in.  As of Sunday, I’ve surpassed the number of hours I put in for exam attempt #2.  Two more weeks and I get my life back! Almost there!  I got a 79 on my practice exam last weekend. Granted, this is just the water class, but I know there’s no way I would have made that score during the first two attempts.  “Pretty good score, keep going” was the email subject line that the class instructor sent me, so that’s become my unofficial motto for this test cycle.  KEEP GOING.


It’s been slow, but is trickling in.  I am starting on the project I’m managing internally. So far it’s an interesting site.  I’ve been tired at work since I’m studying in the mornings now.  Thank goodness the coffee bar no longer sucks, because now I can have afternoon tea to feel a little more revitalized.


Buying treats for the day before the exam. I’m going to take the day off, will not do any studying whatsoever, and do crafts while watching garbage television. I CANNOT WAIT.


When I’m stressed, I buy yarn. This is a problem and it needs to stop.




This picture was not staged at all, what are you talking about.


I guess I should go to work and stuff. Have a great week!

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  1. Your dog is so adorable! I love dachshunds. And the look on his face made me laugh!
    Also, I’m jealous of seeing Paul McCartney. I mean that’s SOMETHING. Metallica is awesome too, but he is a legend and singing along with him must have felt amazing!
    Good luck with your studies and exams, two weeks should fly fast now, you’re almost there!

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    • Thank you! I grew up with them and have such a soft spot for them. Especially this little one ❤

      Thank you! It was such a great experience, I hope you get the chance to see him! 🙂

      And thanks for the well wishes, I need it! Hahaha.

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