The Final Countdown

I have to say, I can’t even think of that song without thinking of Gob Bluth from Arrested Development.

Arrested Development Gob Bluth GIF

Well, it’s a wrap on Exam Cycle #3.  The suitcase is packed with my reference books and binders, my lunch is made and sitting in the refrigerator.  Two hundred hours of studying have been logged.  Tomorrow I sit for 8 hours for another attempt at this license.  I’ve cycled back and forth between thinking I’m going to fail and feeling like this is my chance.  I feel pretty pragmatic about it – I know that failure is always a possibility, and realizing that you can still work so hard at something and not achieve it is humbling.  But I also feel like I have a shot (insert “Lose Yourself” lyrical reference here)- if I fail tomorrow, it’s either because (A) the test is enormously difficult, beyond my level of comprehension, or (B) I psyche myself out and make stupid mistakes (the more likely scenario).

So I have to treat it like a marathon – mind over matter, knowing that I’m capable of passing but that my brain is going to question whether I can.  To use the strategies that I’ve learned, working all the easy problems first, REALLY reading each question,  and watching my units.   And to stop worrying about the problems I didn’t work enough of (sludge wasting! remediation!) and to focus on what I have worked on (more air, more water, passing all the water practice exams for my water depth class).

Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement!  After tomorrow, I can finally stfu about this test!*

I took the day off today, and the friends I have effectively abandoned during this test cycle sent me an awesome edible arrangement and encouraging note.



I am bringing the little turtle with me tomorrow as a good luck charm…I bought it on my honeymoon because (as a very impatient person), I feel like I needed the reminder.

I went to JoAnn to buy – yep.


I don’t think I’ve ever purchased so much yarn in a month…anyway, this is a test swatch (Lion Brand’s Touch of Alpaca) for this sweater.

While we’re talking about yarn, I received the October Harry Potter Mystery Club yarn from TeenyButton Studios last week…



Breaking news – I’m finally on the second row of my blanket.


And finally, this has been sitting in my stash forever, so I figured I might as well work on it.  I hope to finish it next week!


tl;dr I have too much yarn on my hands, but that’s a good thing because my test is almost done and I can get my free time back!

Off I go…wish me luck tomorrow 🙂

Arrested Development Letter GIF


*Results don’t come out until December, so NOT REALLY.

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  1. “I feel pretty pragmatic about it – I know that failure is always a possibility, and realizing that you can still work so hard at something and not achieve it is humbling.”

    THIS. I already replied to your comment on my blog but it is definitely humbling to realise that certain things are simply beyond our control and will play out the way they’re meant to. I’ve never felt more grounded than I do right now. That said, I hope you kick some ass today! All the best!

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    • Thank you! Same here! I’ve always been the person to work *just* hard enough to get good results, but I went above and beyond for this last attempt…and still don’t think I made it. Very humbling, very grounding. You’re right though – it’s beyond our control and whatever happens will be for the best. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I hope everything works out for you too ❤


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