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Big News

Hello friends! I’ve been sitting on big news for about a month now, but since I’ve started telling my coworkers about it this past week, I feel good about announcing it in a public space.*

We’re moving!

To Indiana!

(If I were a YouTube vlogger, I would have made that announcement at the 18 minute mark of a 25 minute video called MY BIG SECRET, including 10 jump cuts of myself about ready to burst into tears.)

In December 2017, Husband and I both found out within a week that we hadn’t achieved our respective career goals (he didn’t get a job he wanted, and I didn’t pass my exam for the second time). I know that life is random, nothing is guaranteed even with hard work, etc blah blah BUT I knew that if I passed my test this year, he would get an academic job. I just knew it.  IT IS THE WAY OF THINGS.

The day after I passed my exam, he received a call with an offer to teach at a university an hour outside of Indianapolis.  Life is full of coincidences, I don’t believe in fate, etc etc whatever BUT THIS IS SOME COSMIC SHIT.

We celebrated very briefly, and then that weekend I had to work.  Some field jobs, once you get your paperwork and sample kits set up, you can take a bit of a mental break while you wait for your sample intervals to be completed.  This was not one of those jobs. I was conducting air monitoring to make sure we weren’t being exposed to dangerous levels of the contaminant we were trying to remove.  There was no time to think about life.


It wasn’t until I returned from my field job that I slowly started processing what was going to happen.

  1. I’ve always been at least a four hour drive from my parents and brother.  I haven’t fully processed the fact that we will be in separate states soon.
  3. FOR REAL.
  4. Indiana is not going to shut down when it receives a 0.10″ of ice like Texas does.  (You think I’m being hyperbolic, but we legitimately freak out if there’s any sign of wintry precipitation.)

Not to mention, I’m going to miss my friends and coworkers a lot.  And Texas!  I’ve lived here for 25 years.  I love this state and I’m going to miss the hell out of it when I leave.

But I’m ready for the change.  I’m so happy and proud that Husband got an academic job after all his hard work and sacrifice.  Austin has also gotten really crowded and expensive since I moved here back in 2008.  Eleven years in this city has been a wonderful run and this city has changed my life.  I will always carry it in my heart.

But I also know that change is good for you, too.  It’s too easy to get stagnant and complacent.  We get to explore a new part of the country, and I’m really excited to see what the future brings.  We will be moving sometime in the summer (likely July). I’ll be sure to take you along on our adventures!

*Not that I think that my coworkers read my blog, but if they do, welcome!  Now you know I’m a massive dork! **

** …you probably knew that already.

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  1. I love winter and snow much more now when I can have it only for some time (when I visit my family) and when I have the luxury of working from home. Commuting to work was the main reason why I detested snowy winters. Now that I don’t have to do it, winter regained all its magic and beauty to me 😉 Also, Ireland is like Texas with regards to snow – just a thin layer of snow and the country is on shutdown 😉
    All the best with your move and life changes! Stressful but an exciting time!

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    • Commuting in the winter sounds so awful and stressful. It definitely seems like something that can be enjoyed while cozying up and working from home 🙂 My company’s office will be about an hour away from where we will be living, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to work from home several times a week. Ah that’s funny, for some reason I envisioned Ireland being a snowy place in the winter…shows how much I know, LOL. Thank you, we are excited 🙂

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