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Update – Fighting a Cold with MITTENS

Hi friends!

At least it’s the middle of January now.  Ergh, January.  I first saw this cartoon a couple of years ago, but this sums up how I move through the month pretty well:

We had a couple of days last week where the weather was sunny and in the 70s – I felt great! Like I could do ALL THE THINGS.  Then it got cloudy and cold again, and I shuffled back into ennui.


I hope you had a great weekend.  Some friends came to visit us this weekend, including one of my bridesmaids.  I haven’t seen her since the wedding, so it was so great to be able to spend time with her! She’s a writer, and she and her partner travel the world, so I always feel inspired creatively after spending time with them.

She brought me earrings from Prague, where she lives.  They are little drum kits! So cute!


So on Thursday, I woke up with with a weird feeling in my throat.  Not a full sore throat, but it was a warning. “You’re about to get sick.” By Friday night, the sore throat had revealed itself.  It’s weird, but I’m always a little…relieved to get sick?  It’s strange to admit that, and obviously I hate the physical feeling of feeling ill. But I like that I can skip my workout and sit on the couch Saturday morning without feeling guilty.  I also only get sick once a year (last time I got sick was a month before my wedding).

I’d started working on a pair of mittens from an old Knit-Wise kit I had laying around, and I was surprised at how quickly they were working up.  I had to use a cable needle for the first time, which I found super intimidating – but it wasn’t too bad.


By Sunday, I had a finished mitten!


Once I finish the right mitten, I’ll do a full review.  My biggest quibble with the kit is there wasn’t enough yarn, so unfortunately this mitten is a little too small for my man hands. I need to find someone with tinier hands to gift them to.

So you’re probably thinking that I relaxed all weekend and am over my cold now, right? Nope, that would have been too smart. By Saturday evening, I was feeling pretty good, and thought, “Maybe these are just allergies. I’m not sick.” So I hung out with my friends, drinks were imbibed.  I woke up Sunday am, still feeling okay, and thought, Aha! Definitely allergies!  Sunday afternoon, after sitting on three cups of coffee, I decided that I needed to mow the backyard and do yoga.

But by Sunday evening – congestion. Malaise.  DANG IT.

So yep. I’m sick. If I were smart, I would have brought home my laptop so I wouldn’t need to go into work today.  I will work a half day at the office, and then work from home the other half -that way I can relax and not spread my germs everywhere.

I hope you all are having a great week so far!

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  1. Oh yeah, the winters are tough for me mentally/emotionally. The lack of sunshine is rough. I’ve been told the sunlamps help, but I stick with knitting. Your mitten is lovely, but I couldn’t help but admire your gorgeous ring too!

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