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Knit-Wise Review: Chunky Mittens

Good morning friends!

I was clearing out my craft space last week and noticed some kits from Knit-Wise that I wanted to try. I subscribed to Knit-Wise back in 2015/2016 and had really enjoyed the projects I’d received; but I had too many craft subscriptions going at the time and it wasn’t sustainable!

I decided to try the Chunky Mitten kit.


With this kit you get two balls of yarn and all the knitting needles you need – including a cable needle, which, WHAT. I had never worked with a cable needle before so I was pretty intimidated (and probably this is part of the reason why I hadn’t dug into this kit yet).

But I was feeling adventurous and decided to give it a try! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that working with the needle was actually pretty easy!


The pattern is pretty easy to follow and definitely accessible to beginners! The pattern has two options – small and large. I tried mine in small.  I have rather large hands and was being overly optimistic about the size, so this was a mistake.  Unfortunately they don’t fit quite as well as they should.


You can probably tell I had tension issues and that my ribbed stitches are definitely not ribbed.  I did nearly run out of yarn with both mittens, even by going with the small pattern – again, this probably was due to my tension issues, but having an extra ball of yarn would have made me feel a little more comfortable about making my mittens a little larger (and – full disclosure – it is very possible that there WAS an extra ball of yarn with the kit that is just hiding somewhere in my craft space, since I’d placed all the kits into ziploc bags for easier storage).

Overall, I’m very pleased with this kit – simple pattern and beautiful mittens! I will definitely be using this pattern in the future for a pair that can fit on my mannish hands.


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