Crafting From My Stash

On Accepting Imperfections

Good morning friends!

Almost done with January.  Almost there, almost there…I started off last week feeling really focused, but ended it feeling very self-critical.  Add generous dashes of glumness and heaping servings of anxiety and rumination.

I spent the weekend trying to center myself and mentally prep for the busy week ahead of me. Yoga Saturday and a Barre class from PopSugar Fitness that completely kicked my ass on Sunday.  Weekly chores.  Coffee.  Bookstore, where I sat down with a copy of Mindful magazine, where I read the following soothing words:  “Fear:  Self-criticism is an effective motivator.  Truth: It’s not.  Our self-criticism tends to undermine self-confidence and leads to fear of failure.  If we’re self-compassionate, we will still be motivated to reach our goals – not because we’re inadequate as we are, but because we care about ourselves and want to reach our full potential.”

Wise words, indeed. I love when I’m reading a magazine or book and I feel like the sentence I’m reading is speaking directly to me and it’s exactly what I needed to hear.  It’s very soothing.

Husband asked me if I wanted to do some retail therapy at a yarn shop this weekend, and we even drove right by one this weekend. BUT I DIDN’T STEP FOOT IN ONE!  I haven’t bought yarn in a month, and it feels great! I’m still determined to craft as much from my stash as I can.  This weekend I restarted a long-dormant project.  Remember the 2017 Scheepjes Hygge Crochet-a-long?  I had ordered the kit back when it was first released, and had started making progress on Week 1 of the CAL. It was abandoned for several reasons – I was knee-deep in my first PE exam attempt and realizing that maybe I should, you know, study for it.  Wedding planning and a trip to Italy occupied my thoughts after taking the exam, and I never picked up the project again.

But most importantly – I hated my bobbles. They were not bobble-y enough (which apparently was a common complaint.  There were several hacks to make the bobbles bobblier, which I never attempted).

So yes, the box has just been sitting under the craft table for the past 2 years.

I opened it this weekend thinking, if I could finish this before moving to Indiana, then I will feel really accomplished.  AND it will be one less box to pack.  So I dove into the project.  I frogged the initial attempt and restarted the Week 1 pattern.  I made some decent progress with my bobbles.


The first row of bobbles was stitched using a pattern hack, but I was unhappy with the results, as the color of the bobble is showing through the piece.


It wasn’t until I was on the second row of bobbles that I realized this. I was at a crossroads – do I frog the entire project again, or accept the imperfections and continue?  I knew that if I undid all my progress, the chances of my starting the project again were small.  I wasn’t doing this piece for a commission.  What if I just accepted the inherent flaws, continued experimenting with bobble stitches until I found one I liked, and continued stitching the piece?

This is ultimately what I ended up doing.  I found a stitch I liked and I think they’re working out pretty well. I will need to compare how my bobble stitches are worked up with the official CAL videos.  If they’re different, I’ll post what I did here. I have to say that while the bobbles are not PERFECT, I’m pleased with how they are progressing.


::Insert paragraph about accepting my own flaws and imperfections, much like I would with my crochet projects, HERE and while I will continue making mistakes, as long as there is overall growth then I’m on the right track blah blah blah IT’S ALMOST FEBRUARY::

Have a great Monday!

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  1. My fog shawl has quite a few mistakes in it and at some point I had to remind myself that they’re all little things–unless I have someone else who’s also a knitter looking at it very carefully, no one’s going to notice them. And the knitters (crocheters, crafters, etc) understand that mistakes happen.

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  2. The bobbles look just fine to me!
    I’ve also returned to an old hibernating crochet project and struggling with the pattern but I’m going to push through. Here’s to us and our imperfections! 😉

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