Why Is It Still Winter?

Good morning friends! I hope you are doing well!  The weather has been really gross here lately – raining and in the 30-40s.  The weather was lovely the weekend before – warm, hints of sun.  I went for a hike with friends and didn’t have to wear a jacket.


Canyon Lake – Overlook Park

I went for a run last Tuesday, and it was sunny and in the 70s.  I felt human, and hopeful we were getting the early spring that the groundhog predicted (I know the groundhog is correct like, 40% of the time, which is statistically useless, but I can dream).  Then on Wednesday, we got a cold front and the weather has been consistently cold, drizzly, and gray.  ERRGHHHH. I think the weather is supposed to warm up today, but it’s still cloudy and depressing outside.  I’ve long known that winter is my bad season – probably since college – but it didn’t hit me as hard the last two years since I was busy planning a wedding.

Yes, we’re planning a move this year, so that’s exciting, but it brings the normal amount of stress and anxiety with any major life change.  Add heaping doses of nostalgia, especially when I hang out with my friends.  I am happy that I’m able to transfer to Indianapolis and have a lot to learn for the projects that office typically works on.  The idea of learning completely new things is invigorating, and – this will sound weird – but I kind of miss studying? Maybe a little?  Once work stops being insane, I’m looking forward to digging into new material for the transfer.

I probably should have worked this weekend, but I had such a blah week and was brain dead by the time I left the office Friday night.  Apollo had to get his teeth cleaned last week and was very unhappy about it, so he didn’t have a great week either.


It was good to disconnect this weekend.  We celebrated a friend’s birthday and tried a virtual reality game for the first time, and it was actually really cool.  I finished the baby blanket (I’m going to try a border with it), and moved a little further with my Hygge shawl.


The bobbles are complete! I’m about to start working on the separator next, which seems a bit daunting. We’ll see how much brainpower I have for it this week.

I’d better get ready for work.  I hope you all have a happy Monday.  Here’s to a (hopefully) warmer, calmer week.

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  1. Awww, poor Apollo! I hope he’s fine now, with clean healthy teeth:) We’re having some health problems with Ciri these days and it just sucks when our pets suffer.
    Oh, and maybe this bad weather is to help you get used to the cold again before moving? 😉

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    • Aww I’m so sorry about Ciri! It really does, and they don’t understand that the medicine you are trying to get them to take is good for them! He’s doing well, but has an ear infection and is NOT a fan of the ear flushes 🙂 Haha yes, I think it is!

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