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A Quick Update So I’m Not Late

Hi friends!

Hope you had a nice weekend.  Ours was great – it was warm and sunny. We spent a decent amount of time outside – walked on South Congress Saturday afternoon and at a park Sunday.  I hadn’t been back to South Congress in a long time, and it’s changed a LOT.  It bums me out – back in the “old days,” you could shop at vendor markets on weekends with live music playing in the background, and food trailers nearby to grab a bite to eat. These things still exist, but so much of the “old” South Congress has been torn down in favor of condos and fancy hotels, so the vendor markets and food trailers have been reduced.  Shops I enjoyed closed, or had to move because rent was too high.  It’s just not the same.  I don’t even feel like I belong because the vibe is totally different – a lot of Instagram influencer wannabes.  It makes me sad.

I did buy a print at a shop for when I move – something to remember this place by.  Because even if it’s changed, it’s still an amazing place, and I’ll miss it a lot when I move.


Can you see my disheveled reflection?

I finished up the baby blanket for little E! I will type it up for my next blog.  I also sent her a book for her to share with her older brother – I didn’t want her older brother to feel left out 🙂  (I’m the oldest in my family – I get it!)


And I’m on Week 3 of the CAL.  I’ve been trying to do little projects here and there, but I find myself really wanting to focus all my time on this project. I’ll take it! The separator moved much faster this week, and I really am enjoying the embroidery.


I’d better get ready for work like a responsible adult.  Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. That’s a really cool print! All the things that make Austin, Austin? 🙂

    Ugh, don’t even get me started on those Insta influencers. Wannabes or the “real thing” (whatever that is) they all suck. I’m actually writing a post in my head about these people. Lol.

    The baby blanket is very pretty! I love the colours. And very thoughtful of you to remember the older brother. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!

    Oh yeah, how on earth do you find the time to write a post before work?! I’m always in a rush in the morning!

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    • Yes, I love it! All the Austin-y things 🙂

      I would so read that blog post. And the absolute worst bring their kids into it…ugh I can’t stand seeing a sponsored post used at the kid’s expense.

      Thank you! It was fun making the blanket 🙂 Hahaha luckily my work is pretty flexible with what time we show up, so I can usually throw together a blog post, get ready, and show up at the office around 9:15 D:


  2. Speaking about Instagram influencers made me check out your Instagram account and follow it 😉 But yeah, they’re not my favourite kind of people. I see a lot of them at the gym and my mind boggles. But to each their own I guess 😉

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