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Sprig Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket

Hi friends!

I wanted to show the baby blanket that I recently finished!


Ignore my hair, my bangs are in the “I’M GROWING OUT AND DO WHAT I WANT” phase.

The sprig stitch is made using double crochet stitches (treble crochet in UK terms).  It is a pretty stitch to use if you’re wanting to experiment and try something different.


I was inspired to use this stitch after watching a video tutorial from Bella Coco.  You can find her written instructions here.  I used a lighter weight yarn than in the video tutorial, but you can still see how pretty it came out regardless.

I did make an error by accidentally doubling up a stitch on the border, and didn’t notice until I was already rows ahead.


I was torn over whether I should frog it. I decided to continue with the piece, and when I was done, I carefully sewed the mistake into the border of the blanket. I was think it was a pretty quick and effective fix – you may or may not see it in the picture I am holding 🙂

Using the sprig stitch, I did 120 chains in my foundation row, plus 3 chains (since you need multiples of 4 plus 3 stitches with this stitch).  Then I just kept going!  Here are the project specs:

Hook:  G6 (4.25 mm)
Yarn:  One Ball Bernat Baby Sport yarn in “Baby Baby Ombre” <- lol.  This is a light yarn, 100% acrylic, approximately 893 yards (816 m).
Gauge:  Does the baby care?
Finished dimensions:  Approximately 49 inches long.

I’m hoping this will be a blanket little baby E. can cherish forever 🙂


Have a happy Friday!


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  1. What a sweet blanket! My kid had (has) a knit blanket similar to that which he used all the time because I liked that it had little holes in it and wouldn’t suffocate because (once he was old enough to have a blanket in his crib) he would always wake up with the blanket on his head.

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