Back from Indianapolis

Hello friends!  It’s time for another, “I should be getting ready for work but decided to update my blog instead” post.

Husband and I just came back from Indianapolis yesterday (thankfully smooth flights both ways and no travel issues that had plagued our last trip out there).  The inspection went as well as it could for an inspection – definitely some issues but nothing major and no termite apartments or anything. Crossing my fingers that the issues can all be taken care of easily.

We’re pleased with the neighborhood and our potential new home, which borders some farmland.  I didn’t think much of it when our realtor first told us about it, but I was really drawn to how pretty and peaceful our view is going to be.


Best of all, we’ll only be 30 minutes from downtown Indy.  We were so stressed our last trip that we didn’t get to enjoy too much of it. This time we spent some time exploring the area. Lots of great restaurants, bookstores, and progressive artsy shops.  I feel so much better about our move knowing that we will be close to a city.

HOWEVER, if I may quibble about the weather – 49 degrees? In May? We get a couple of random cold days in April, but then it stays hot until mid-November-ish.  Our realtor told us the weather fluctuates in Indiana until JUNE.  This will take some getting used to, as the concept of wearing my coat in May is a foreign one. However, it will be nice to get some use out of my FOs.

Speaking of-


I finished this shawl during our trip! Definitely need to block it. I’m hoping to block it and the cardi this weekend.

IMG-0560.jpgI finished a gauge swatch for the Seamstress Top.  I’ve definitely been inspired by spring/summer crocheted garments and have been focusing my energy on that.  Hoping to get this project started sometime this month.


I started this Patons Color Block Tunic while on the plane.  I had to size down a hook size for this one (and after doing two gauge swatches, I got too impatient to do a third so OOPS HOPE THIS ENDS WELL).  So far the measurements seem to be working out okay, but we’ll see.

I’d better get to work, hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. 49 degrees in May is not surprising! Given I’m further North than you’ll be and we get the lake effect, but we had two snowstorms in April. Indianapolis is a fun city–we took Simon there for the children’s museum and zoo a couple years ago.

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    • I’m sooo glad we don’t get the lake effect, that would be too much for me. Haha. The zoo is awesome, we went there our first trip in March.


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