A Quick Update (With Lists!)

Hello friends!  A quick post today (I always say that but then it ends up being 3 pages long)…

Let’s mix it up today with lists!

  • Stressing over….work.  Oh, so much work.  So much.  House!  And we’re moving in approximately 8 weeks? No.
  • Working on...an old Knitcrate Newbies kit.  The videos are now online for free, so I’m on Series 2.  Hey, guess what? Ribbed stitches look a lot better when you are actually purling correctly!


  • Listening to…a lot of this song.
  • Watching.…Game of Thrones!  I have some quibbles about the finale – not the overall conclusion, because it (mostly) made sense, but just the breakneck pace the past two seasons have been.  Those characters deserved better!
  • ReadingPrairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder, by Caroline Fraser.  This book is really good so far.  I know this next sentence will sound completely obvious, but life on the prairie sounds enormously challenging.  I feel like every chapter has at least a handful of natural disasters.
  • Exercising withSydney Cummings on Youtube.  I thought I was in decent shape until I started doing her videos…I am not. LOL.  Oh my god.  I can only do her 30-minute videos at the moment. The workouts are really challenging and fun, and she’s really motivating.
  • Loving…this flirty, chunky dog.  Look at him…he’s super adorable and he knows it.


Alrighty, I’d better get to work.  My shawl is blocked, so I’ll post that next.  It took up all my blocking mats during the weekend, but I’ll get my cardi blocked during the long weekend. Have a great Wednesday!

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