Finished Object – Openwork Shawl

Good morning friends!

I’m not going to lie, my motivation is very low this morning. I just had the energy for a 10-minute yoga video, and ONLY because my old lady back starts hurting during the day if I don’t do any kind of stretching or physical activity in the morning.  I didn’t stay at work late last night either, since I was eager to come home and start rummaging through my makeup.  Did you know there’s a company that will buy your unused or gently used makeup from you?  Which, I personally wouldn’t buy used makeup? But I have so much that I will not use, so I might as well get some money from it if there’s a legitimate company that will purchase it.  The closer I get to our move and the more I get a better understanding of closing costs and moving costs, my attitude has shifted from, “Let’s get rid of some stuff,” to “TIME TO SELL EVERYTHING IN OUR HOUSE.”


So last night Husband was sitting down to look at House Things, and I told him, “I will be a responsible spouse in ten minutes, but I need to take blog photos first.”  I had already coordinated with potential movers that day, so I felt justified in taking my photos first (but still a little guilty that while he was doing House Things, I was taking pictures like this):


Ta daaaaa! Blocked and finished shawl.  I used the free Openwork Shawl crochet pattern from Lion Brand for this shawl.  I think this is the Calming Desert colorway?  I can’t remember and I didn’t keep the yarn tag.  Which is really responsible and organized of me for a finished objects post, but whatever.


The pattern was super super easy.  I will admit that my edges aren’t great (still working on getting the edges to look nice and neat), but no one will notice, right?  RIGHT?

It also works well as a dog cocoon.


At this point Husband looked up and said, “I’m sorry Apollo.”  Having successfully taken way too many stupid photos of myself and the finished shawl, I placed a grateful Apollo back in his puppy bed and then was a responsible spouse while we worked through House Things.

So yay! One finished make down, and hopefully more to come to soon! Have a great Thursday everyone!

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  1. Beautiful shawl! And unless everyone surrounding you knits too or you point it out to them, guaranteed no one will notice any imperfections!

    My back feels weird without physical activity too. I refuse to call it “old lady back” though, lol. It’s truly not an age thing at all. Just that if your body is used to physical activity, it will let you know if you skip it. Oftentimes the body just needs a neck, shoulder and lower back stretch in the morning or evening to feel good. And 10 mins is better than nothing!

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