Hello friends!  Geez, it’s been three weeks since I’ve posted.  Hope you all are doing well!  We are mostly settling in.  Some aspects of this move have been good, while there are other things going on with the house at the moment that are causing a lot of stress and anxiety.  I remember my transition to Austin back in 2008 wasn’t the smoothest either (and I ended up adoring Austin), so I think that’s just the nature of moving. Just have to wade through it.

August is usually the busiest month work-wise, on top of everything else, since the end of our client’s fiscal year is August 31 (August 30 this year, since that falls on a Friday).  It has been super busy – I actually have to work today (boo) if I want to meet this report’s schedule.

We like where we live, but it’s hard not to miss our families and friends in Texas.  We miss Austin in waves – from finding small cans of enchilada sauce instead of the bigger ones we’re used to in the grocery store, to thinking things like, “We should grab gelato at Teo tonight” and then realizing we’re not in Austin anymore.  Teo is great but not drive 16 hours great.

Let’s focus on the good!

 1.  New routines

My routine has definitely changed since living in Austin.  I lived 20 minutes away from work then, and we had free, ample parking. My morning routine was leisurely – workout, type out a blog post, grab coffee, then head to the office by 9:15.  The vibes at the new office are still mostly relaxed like Austin’s, but I live 30 minutes away now.  And while my old office was located near the suburbs, Indy’s office is right in the middle of downtown AND parking is not free.  I repeat, PARKING IS NOT FREE.  Sad face. So if I want to find a good spot in a parking garage, I need to leave by 7:30. That gives me just enough time to work out (a necessity for me to manage stress/anxiety) before heading out the door.

My office is about an eight minute walk from the garage, which I really enjoy.  The coffee is good in the office.  I’m back in a cube, but if I turn around, I can see a beautiful view of downtown Indy since I’m on a higher floor in the building.  Can’t complain there.

I return home to a tiny suburb that is mainly rural.  There are stock ponds in the neighborhood that allow catch and release.  Husband loves fishing, so every night, we’ve been taking the dog on long, leisurely walks.  Husband fishes and after Apollo has had a chance to walk, I sit down and journal.  It’s really soothing and has been helping me feel better.


During one of my morning workouts, I looked out the window to see a beautiful orange moon.  I tried taking a picture of it with my iPad but of course, I couldn’t quite capture its beauty.


Yesterday we attended my work’s summer party at the Indianapolis Zoo. It was rainy, but still fun. As we walked through the Butterfly Garden, one of the butterflies thought my jacket was food!  I am sure I disappointed the little guy. It was a fun experience.


2.  Crafty Projects

I’ve been a bit haphazard with my works in progress.  I’m wanting to start ALL THE THINGS and there may or may not have been some stress yarn shopping. Only God can judge me, etc etc etc.

First of all, I’ve figured out where to take my craft photos.  Yay for having Instagrammable floors.


I love this Flatiron Shawl project so much.  I still have one more section to complete after this panel, but it’s been a very soothing project to work on at the end of the day, with the simplest of stitches.

Next up – this summer’s Little Box of Crochet project.


It’s eventually going to be a market bag. It’s easy and working up super fast.  If I was devoting all my attention to this project, it would probably be done already, but you know how that goes.

Next up – trying a bit of knitting.


I bought the Knit Yourself Calm book and am working through the first project, washcloths. Washcloths aren’t super exciting, if I’m being honest, but I need to practice my stitches and tension.  Here’s what gets me about knitting – if I mess up on a stitch, then having to frog the row is cumbersome to me.  Then I get lazy and put the project away forever. I’m saying this because, you guessed it, I have two purl stitches in a row instead of knit/purl that need to be frogged. ARGH. KNITTING, WHY CAN’T YOU BE EASY?

And finally, the very beginnings of the Earl Grey Wrap, a kit I may or may not have purchased on sale, on my phone, while Husband was buying a car because WHY NOT.


3.  Midwest Summers

Last week, my coworkers in Austin told me how they were experiencing 104 degree heat. Meanwhile, it’s barely gone above 90 degrees where I live in the past two weeks.  It’s usually 67 or 68 degrees while I walk to work, so I bring a jacket with me. A JACKET. In AUGUST. I went running at HIGH NOON last weekend, and it was 78 degrees. If I’d done that in Texas, I’d be risking heat stroke. I don’t know how to experience a summer without stifling triple digit heat.  Question: WHAT IS THIS AMAZING WEATHER?

Answer: I will be very depressed in the winter.

4.  Things to come!

On Tuesday, we’re going to see Alice in Chains and I’m SO EXCITED because MY ANGSTY SOUL NEEDS THIS SHOW. I also took a sneak peek at the set list and they are playing this song.

They are touring with Korn and I could not care less about Korn (although I’m a little ashamed to admit that I like this song). Luckily, they’re playing first, so we can bolt when Korn gets on.  Sorry not sorry.

Also, I ordered the kit for TL Yarn Craft’s Garden Party Shawl NO REGRETS.

Edits-0019-1024x622 (1)

Photo Courtesy of TL Yarn Crafts

The yarn is a kit from Handmade Home Fibers, the yarn company from another favorite designer, Sewrella.  I can’t wait to get the kit.

Alrighty, I better pay some bills, get some ironing done, and then get to work. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Jealous of the Alice in Chains concert. “Would?” reminds me of the movie “Singles” (I was a teenager when it was in cinemas and OMG I feel so old) and I feel nostalgic just seeing the thumbnail.
    Your reactions to the summer in your new place reminds me so much of my bf’s reaction to the Irish summer and weather in general. Meanwhile, I panic just thinking of moving to Greece (which is sort of a plan for the distant future) and not being able to wear my knitted sweaters and having to rely on AC to survive (for me AC equals sinusitis all year long).
    Also, I can so relate to the stress yarn shopping. I’ve been so stressed in these past 2 months that I ordered absolutely shameless amounts of yarn even though my stash is already full. But at least I discovered that vacuum storage works great for yarn so I can compress my yarn nicely and pretend I don’t have that much at all, as it all fits into the 2 boxes as always!

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    • Thanks Alli! There’s some culture shock if I compare it to Austin, but compared to other places I’ve lived in Texas, not so much! Except hearing people telling just to get snow shovels. I’m just pretending winter isn’t happening.

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