Easing Into Fall

Hello friends!

Dang. How is it already September?  The dark cloud of the August 30 deadline has passed, and another fiscal year has ended.  Usually on Sundays I like doing laundry and wrapping up my chores, but this morning I. have. done. nothing.


I’m not going to lie.  This picture was totally posed ~for the grid~, because why else would I want to sit on my floor to work on crochet projects when I have a comfortable couch? When my husband asked me what I was doing differently with my photos recently, I responded, “NATURAL LIGHT BEYOTCH!” then was immediately horrified. Why on earth would I would call my husband a beyotch? I don’t even normally use the word beyotch, what is wrong with me?  IT JUST FELT RIGHT, OKAY?  Luckily it made him laugh instead of questioning our relationship.

I’m still working my way through the Flatiron Shawl, and have been really focusing on this project last week as my work deadline loomed.  I’m using TeenyButton Studio’s Owlery and Deathday Party colorways. I love this project so much.  The last color panel will be using a different yarn than TeenyButton, but it will fade into the other panels really well. I’m excited.  I’m just about done hand-winding it, though it’s a bit of a tangled mess at the moment.

I bought two new Texas-themed colorways during the TeenyButton shop update on Friday- Barton Springs* and Enchanted Rock.  The dyer was actually at Hill Country Weavers last weekend doing a special event .  This was one of those times that I was really bummed that I don’t live in Austin anymore, because (A) Hill Country Weavers is the best yarn store in Austin and (B) all attendees received a skein of TeenyButton yarn of their choice.  ARGH.  I was really happy that she at least updated her shop with the colorways! I can’t wait until they arrive.

I also had some happy yarn mail this week – yarn for the Garden Party Shawl!


I pretty much love anything that TL Yarn Crafts designs (she’s also the designer of the Flatiron Shawl).  I really had to exercise restraint and not purchase the French Press CAL kits that were released Friday.  She did a collaboration with Montana Crochet, and I sooooo wanted a kit, but it was just outside my price range.  And now the kits are sold out, so no going back on that decision! I have a mixture of relief and regret.

I’m really not sure where my workload will be this upcoming month now that the fiscal year has ended and I’m getting incorporated into the new office.  I’m hoping that I’ll still have enough time for my crafty projects. As always, I have a lot of projects I want to work on, especially since I’ll have legit fall weather over here. I miss Texas a lot, but I do not miss the heat.

We’re also slowly diving into home improvement projects.  Husband and I, as you know, are first-time home buyers.  I love our house, but there were certain things we didn’t notice during the purchasing process. Like, how our living room doesn’t have any lights. None.


Signs we are still getting settled in- receiver abandoned on the floor, random stuffed animal on the coffee table, the lamp placed next to the TV for no reason, and a print just lying on the entertainment center.

We’re going to look at some lighting options today that won’t involve, you know, having to tear up our ceiling to actually install the lights. I’ll let you all know how that goes!

I guess I should get up from the couch and do something with my life.  Have a great Sunday!

*Fact – in the 11.5 years I lived in Austin, I never actually made my way over to Barton Springs. I think I ran past it once?  I just heard it was always super crowded, so that plus the limited parking options just kept me from wanting to go.  I HAVE been to Enchanted Rock, which is about an hour and a half outside of Austin.

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  1. It’s funny how things like that can completely escape your notice when looking at places to live. The weather was fairly warm when I got my current flat, so it was a few months after moving in that I realised there’s only one tiny radiator to heat the entire kitchen and living room area. We live and learn!

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