Snippets of Fall

Happy Saturday, friends!

Yesterday was the “growing pains” sort at work, and I felt frustrated about it well into the evening, feeling frustrated at myself for not knowing more than I do.  I woke up feeling a little better this morning.  Thank you all for your comments on my last post! I rested a lot last Saturday and woke up feeling refreshed on Sunday, headaches gone. Last weekend, we stopped by the apple orchard, but I’d been mistaken – the craft fair is THIS weekend.  But we decided to stay and check it out, buying fall treats.  I had apple cider and biscuits with apple butter. Oh my goodness.


Husband and I had been feeling homesick, and this was just the tonic we needed. We have to remember what we’ve gained by moving up here, and not focus on what we’ve left behind in Austin and in Texas.  Apple festivals really aren’t common down there, for example, so I’m really excited to check it out this weekend.

I also started decorating a little.



This week we welcomed fall, and while it’s still “warmer” up here, the mornings have been cool. Several mornings this week, I walked to work in 50-something degree weather. To me, this means it’s time to dig out a light jacket and a cap.  I was way overdressed compared to the rest of the people I encountered.  A lot of people were not wearing jackets at all, and were in short sleeves.  One man was in a light jacket and SHORTS.  Oh, winter is not going to be fun.

I spotted some Canadian geese while walking Apollo this week.  Canadian geese- something else we never saw in Texas!  And not something you can see in the photo below, since I took it with my cell phone, but they’re there!


This weekend, a local yarn store was hosting a fall retreat.  I thought about going, but several things held me back.  One biggie was the price – the retreat was expensive.  But other anxieties held me back, like being around a bunch of new people, and other silly things. So I decided to make this my own crafty weekend.  There’s the craft/apple festival we’re visiting today, of course.  Yesterday I visited Mass Ave Knit Shop, where I didn’t purchase any yarn. I KNOW.  It was nice to browse though. And they have an in-store retreat at a fraction of the cost in October – it might be a good way to meet people.

This morning I bought back issues of Sewing Box Magazine, since they are having a sale.  And look, I’m SOOOO CLOSE to having a FO!


I don’t know what compelled me to finish this instead of the CAL, especially since these colors are out of season now. But you know how it goes. You work on what motivates you.  I am so close – just have a couple of rows, tassels, and done!  It’s a bit asymmetrical because I reached the point where the stitch count was off, but I’d stopped caring.

Well, I’m going to dig into these remaining projects a bit and enjoy the morning. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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