Hello friends!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Why am I still awake at nearly 11 o’clock at night, you ask? This is what happens when you have a chai tea latte at 4 pm.  For some reason, I didn’t think it was caffeinated.  SPOILER ALERT – it’s caffeinated and I’m wide awake.  UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ.

We had a pretty great weekend.  The “heat wave” has ended and it truly feels like fall. On Friday we went to a harvest festival at the art museum. We met up with one of my online friends from Engineer Boards, who is also a recent transplant to Indy.  While we were taking a break and eating warm, yummy pretzels, a couple from NYC started talking with us.  They talked about how difficult the transition to a new place can be and that the grieving period can last for years, but that you have to “bloom where you’re planted.”  They had great things to say about Indy and all that the area offers.  The chat cheered me greatly, and I was very happy to have run into them.

The festival itself was so much fun.


My favorite part was the petting zoo.  I bonded with a bunny.


I don’t think you truly appreciate what a cute ass bunny this is.


This is the worst picture of me ever, but the bunny makes up for it.

On Saturday we went to Bloomington for a comedy show.  I enjoyed walking around downtown.  Lots of cute shops.  We had Indian food for the first time leaving Austin – sooo good! And the food was spicy – yessss. (We’ve noticed that the Midwest doesn’t lean into spicy foods too much).

I really enjoyed the beautiful knitted and crocheted tree sweaters along the sidewalks, for a good cause.


Today was rainy and cozy. We ran some errands, visited a music shop, and bought Apollo some seasonal apparel.  Did I buy my dog a Halloween costume? YES. YES I DID. He’s going to be a bumble bee and while he will hate me for it, it will be adorable.  I will be sure to post pictures after Halloween

We also bought him some grungy flannel.


He’s so chunky that we can’t close the sweater all the way, but he’s actually not minding it.  As I’m typing this, he’s all snuggled in it.

I also put more pictures up in the house and thought a lot about that woman told me Friday – bloom where I’m planted.  The house feels a little more like home and the ache of homesickness lifted a bit as we enjoyed our new surroundings this weekend.  It is the first weekend of ACL, though, so it feels weird to hear about it on XM Radio and see pictures of my friends in my Instagram feed, and not physically be in Austin right now and being on the verge of heat stroke at the festival.

I also made some progress on the French Press CAL!  The CAL is actually done, but I’m soooo slow. I’m technically still on Week 1, but I’m done with the left sleeve and am now on the right sleeve, yayyy.


Well, I’m not tired at all, but I’d better wind down so I can get some sleep. My higher ups are in the office tomorrow, I have to call a client, and I’ve got to make banana bread for a baking swap with my engineer friend on Tuesday!  I hope you all have a great night!

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  1. You look beautiful! I love all the pictures. Also, it looks like Indy is such a beautiful place….I can’t wait to visit. As for Apollo, he will be the cutest bumble bee on the globe. ❤️

    Have a great week! Xoxo 😘

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