Sleeve Island

Good morning friends! I hope you are well.  I am trying to get a quick post out of the way before I head to work.  I still need to stretch – I’ve been trying this new gym with a friend, and I LOVE it.  It’s been so much fun – a lot of HIIT workouts.  It’s a really chill environment (the owner even lets his puppy hang out while we do our workouts), and just the total opposite of the barre studio I tried several months ago.

I’ve been testing a pattern for Pink Plumeria Maui. Deadline for the notes was on Monday, so I have been working hard on it.  On Sunday afternoon, as Husband was driving me to drum lessons (so I could continue working on my project!!), I realized that I’d skipped rows 7-8 on sleeve 1.  Out of 36 rows. I was already on sleeve 2.  NOOOOOOOO.

I started to plow ahead to finish, but realized that if I spent this much time on the pattern, I should do it right! I owed it to the designer. Plus, I already have abnormally long arms.  Skipping two rows means I lose at least an inch of sleeve, and my shirts/sweaters are already a little short as it is!

So time to frog the sleeves. Fortunately, I’d worked up most of the pattern and was able to provide my notes by the deadline. Since the pattern is not being released until next month, I have a little time to finish the work and take photos. Phew.

Here’s Apollo acting really smug, like he’s the one who did all the work.


Hopefully by my next update, I’ll have legit sleeves.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Jen,
    Apollo loves your new project! But I think he is also asking for a new blanket. Oh, and I love that little face while he posing for his picture. XoXo

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