I Need to Go Back to Work

Hello friends! Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. My weekend is better today – it’s sunny and beautiful outside, and I was able to accomplish a fair number of items on my to-do list. Yesterday I didn’t do much of anything.  Husband says I have a hard time just relaxing and not doing anything, which is true.  I felt like a waste of space, though I’d needed the recovery time.  It was a clear indication that I’ve had enough vacation time and need to get back to my regular routine.

For whatever reason, I had only 3 hours of sleep on Friday.  At some point, I decided that sleep was futile and decided to wake up early and work half the day…then go to a drum lesson. As you can imagine, an hour long makeup drum lesson (after two weeks of not practicing) plus limited cognitive function with lack of sleep = not a great lesson.  I could tell I was frustrating my instructor because I kept freezing up on his commands, and that made the people pleaser in me upset that I was frustrating him.  I hope today is a better lesson! I practiced, but since I’ve only had a day in between lessons, this isn’t enough practice time to be all, “LOOK AT ME NOW, I’M AWESOME” while executing perfect paradiddles at 130 bpm.


Friday was redeemed though, because after my lesson, Husband and I discovered an adorable restaurant for a belated anniversary celebration. It’s a wine bar and bistro in a historical home.  We had some baked brie that was SOOO GOOD, along with some delicious wine.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate eight years together! 🙂

I’m also starting to get really worried about work – there’s a proposal I’m helping with that will require a lot of research time and slide deck building so I can make a presentation on my sites ::gulp::.  The official start date for the proposal keeps getting pushed back, so I’m not *that* behind, I guess, but I’m still freaking out over how much I need to get done. I think I will work on that a little later and will feel much better for it.

ANYWAY. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

What have I been working on crafty-wise, you ask?

Well, I finished a cowl thingy! Look!


I worked on this during the holidays. I still need to block it and weave in the ends, but yay! I’ll do a separate post on that once I finish blocking it.

I received this Paintbox Chunky Pots yarn from LoveCrafts, thank you so much! 🙂 I am figuring out an original project that I want to make with it.  It’s probably going to be something wild and crazy like WAIT FOR IT – a cowl, but as soon as I finish the project, I will post it here!IMG-1134

And finally I’m testing a cardigan for Pink Plumeria Maui!  It’s my very first time testing a pattern.


The notes are due January 13, so this project is getting all my attention at the moment. I struggled a bit with the counts for the filets, but I’m getting the hang of it now. ALSO NEWS FLASH – did you know that if you work your stitches faster, then you end up making more progress in a shorter amount of time?!1111??!!!

Ok I better get going to my lesson, have a great rest of your day!

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  1. I know the worry about work, mine is starting next month and there’s a lot to do and in a much shorter time than it really requires; plus I have some additional duties so it’s going to be absolutely crazy. Hope that it’s all going to work well though for both you and me, and without too much stress!

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    • Thank you so much! Environment work is so interesting, but definitely gets crazy. Best of luck with your upcoming work and additional duties! Hopefully crafting will be a nice stress reliever 🙂

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