Crafting From My Stash

FO -Slouchy Seed Stitch Basket


Hey you.

Yeah, you.

I’m talking to you.

The word on the street* is you were…looking for the good stuff.

I’ve got the good stuff.



HAH. Never in my life did I think it would be necessary to share my toilet paper buying habits to the world, but HERE WE GO.  We have three bathrooms and have always kept a supply of toilet paper in each.  We bought one large pack right before everything went insane.  I’m very grateful for that supply now…we’ll be okay for the next several weeks, but who ever thought toilet paper would be such a hot commodity? Geeeeez….

Anyway, YAY, this is my latest finished object.  This Slouchy Seed Stitch Basket is an old kit from Knit-Wise that has been sitting in my closet for the past four years. I started it last spring when I was in the “MUST MAKE ALL THE THINGS SO I HAVE LESS TO PACK” mode before we moved, but I messed up on the stitch count, grew disgusted at myself, and banished the project in the closet. I took it out the other night, feeling inspired for some stash-busting projects, because WHO KNOWS how long it will be before I feel safe enough to go to JoAnn without a hazmat suit? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I unraveled my progress from last year and started again. Very quickly I messed up the seed stitch on the handles of the basket, but by then I thought, “I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. I DON’T CARE. NO ONE WILL GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE HANDLES ARE NOT IN SEED STITCH.”


The stitched count is effed up but NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE YAYYYYYY

Overall, the basket was a super quick make, and the stitch was easy enough for my melted brain to work with.  The green is a little crazy but whatever.  I think it will work well to store items in one of our bathrooms…dare I say for some toilet paper?

Today we need to leave our house to drop off tuition money for my drum teacher (postponing lessons until this gets better, but didn’t want to leave him in a bad place financially with all the inevitable cancellations) and maybe brave the tiny grocery store near our house for food.  I’d also like to take a walk since it’s not raining outside.  I worked yesterday and was able to catch up on a lot, but I’m still really behind, so will be doing more of that today as well.  Hoping for a little crafty downtime in the evening. I hope you all are doing well.







*I’m sure it’s exceedingly obvious that I have no actual knowledge of THE STREETS

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  1. So I buy stuff like toilet paper on Groupon in bulk, I’m always prepared for anything when it comes to cleaning supplies and toilet paper, I didn’t even have to buy more. Sometimes it’s good to be weirdly neurotic and have the need to never run out of stuff 😉

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