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Tiptoe From the Comfort Zone Cowl

Early February, Husband and I had to make a very quick trip to Texas. I’ve mentioned here before that I don’t love flying but that I’ve worked really hard to overcome my fears.   I can get on a plane now without thinking dark thoughts of our fates as I settle in my seat, and can actually enjoy my flight (although I will never not get nervous when the pilot tells the flight attendants to buckle up for turbulence!)

For our trip back to Indiana, we were set to depart from a tiny regional airport.  The good – no lines!  The TSA agents were very amused that we were bringing back bags of HEB Texas Pecan coffee in our suitcases (IT’S GOOD, OKAY?) and Texas-shaped cookie cutters that we will probably never use (BUT WE WERE NOSTALGIC, OKAY?)  The so-so – you have to fly in these smaller regional jets, which is fine. It’s fine.  This trip was my very first time flying in one.  At the height of my flying fears, when I used to pick the airline by how many fatalities they’d had during their operation (I AM NOT KIDDING), there wasn’t any way I would have boarded a regional jet.  When I think back to how I was when I first started flying ten years ago, I’ve come a LONG way!

For our flight in, we were on a relatively newer plane, so while the plane was much smaller, it wasn’t really a biggie. But for our flight out, not so much. While we were waiting in the lounge, we watched a small, dilapidated looking plane making its way sadly down the runway. The plane looked like it had missed a touch-up appointment 20 years ago and has been too busy since to rebook it. This plane needed a spa day. This plane clearly did not indulge in any self-care.

Someone came into the lounge, stared out the window, and then asked the same question we were all thinking.  “DUDE, that’s our PLANE?” he asked, dumbstruck.  “But it’s all rusted!”

Whenever I start getting fearful about flying, I have to work hard to shut my reptilian brain down.  As I stared out the window, my reptilian brain had SOME QUESTIONS.

Reptilian Brain: Ummm, why does the plane look sunburned?
Rational Brain: I mean, could American Eagle actually pay some money for exterior maintenance for the comfort of their passengers? YES. But regardless, this plane goes through multiple checks and inspections. It may not look pretty, but it’s totally safe to fly.
Reptilian Brain: BUT IS IT?
Rational Brain: I mean…it literally just touched the runway from the last trip. Sooo…?  Does that answer your question?  Do we really need to walk through this or…?  You understand that if PLANE FLY IN SKY AND LAND, THEN PLANE SAFE TO BOARD yes???

I begrudgingly boarded the plane, but hey! Spoiler alert! It was fine (other than a reassuring squeaking noise as we climbed).  I was proud of myself as we deplaned. I mean, I didn’t do anything different – I’ve been on a plane plenty of times these past several years – but it just different enough.  And I was proud of myself that I didn’t freak out like I would have ten years ago. It was tiptoeing outside my comfort zone.

I’d love the share the project I made while I was on that trip – Tiptoe From the Comfort Zone cowl!


Pre-Quarantine Hair 

IMG-1251 (1)

I brought a ball of the Paintbox Yarns Chunky Pots that LoveCrafts had sent me to work on during this trip.  At first I’d thought I’d keep really simple stitches, like single and double crochet stitch, but while I was on the plane, I decided to do a sampler of fun stitches that I was comfortable with but was a little different than I was used to.

See? Nothing I didn’t already know how to do, but going a little outside my comfort zone with my design palette.


I really liked working with this yarn and this colorway!  This project worked up really quickly and I was really happy with the results.

I worked this project using a combination of single, double, half double (in front/back loops only), filet, and bobble stitches.  I used a 6.5 mm hook for this project. You can probably tell where I accidentally made some increases as well, so it’s far from a perfect sample…but I don’t think anyone will tell as I’m wearing it!  A big thanks to LoveCrafts for sending this yarn to me.

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  1. Very cute cowl. I have had similar experiences with American Eagle flights! While everything went smoothly, it took me down a dark path when the pilot stated we had to make “an emergency landing to de-ice the wings”

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  2. Love the cowl! I remember sitting in the back of a plane once and it was dripping, like, water was coming down the wall. The flight attendant was hanging out in the back so I asked her about it. I don’t remember what she said but the explanation sounded valid enough and I stopped freaking out, and thankfully didn’t get wet!

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